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Nov 16, 2001
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Sorry if it has been reported before but here is a screenshot of the score histogram where Irquois and Incas seem to have merged (at least for the color, maybe that IS the pb).
The civs have the same color, I hate it when that happens since I like looking at the histograph. This problam can be solved by killing one of the civs.
Also killing ALL would be an possible solution ROFL ;)
But I wonder where's the 2nd default color good for actually???
The Incans had both their primary (pink) and their secondary (purple) colors used by other civs in this game.
Originally posted by warpstorm
The Incans had both their primary (pink) and their secondary (purple) colors used by other civs in this game.
In that case I believe the game should have assigned a random colour not used yet by other civ in the game. Now you cannot distinct between them in the gameplay either, which is most unhelpful (to say the least) if you are at peace with one and at war with the other.
You may change the colours in the editor. But, there you just see the colours, they aren't given numbers or names.
So, this really is no fun.

In PTW, I often noticed the described effect when having a game with Arabs and Chinese. Becomes even more perfect, if both are neighbours, and you want (or have to) to have war with ONE of them.... :p

Personally, I think Civ originally was designed for small maps with up to 6 different nations, as you can see by a lot of other limitations...
If you go to options and turn color blind help on, all cities on the map say, for instance "Boston-America" or "Berlin-Germany" which will keep you from confusing which city belongs to whom.
Don't the Inca have the same color pink as France-- NOT the pale pink of Arabia?

Screenshot of Incas:

Perhaps the French were in the game and LouLong hadn't met them yet, or had destroyed them already. I still think they should just put them at different parts of the histogram.
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