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Jan 1, 2005
My SG History:

Civ V:


MAC-01 Indonesia (04Sep13 - ???)
Unsure whether the fall patch will cause PC/Mac save issues, this game consists of all Mac users.
Players: 2cool4civ, dojoboy, EricTheGreat12

Civ IV:


FTS-02 The Immortal One (12Jul06 - 01Sep06)
An OCC attempt on immortal level.
Players: adamlan, Conroe, mike p, sooooo


Emp. Continents. Epic. Just Win (5Feb06 - 22Apr06) Diplomatic Victory
This game started off with a bad start and it really didn't look to good at first. Luckily we were able to pick ourselves up off the ground with friends standing by our side.
Players: Colony, Fbouthil, Grogs, Mutax2003


RB16 The Renny Teamerer (20Mar06 - 4Apr06) Domination Victory
We will be teamed up with two AI (Victoria and Napoleon) against the "Axis of Evil" (Tokugawa, Montezuma, and Genghis Khan). WW was a huge problem in this game. I believe team games have the WW add up, possibly. A great game and very fast.
Players: Bede, Speaker, Yosh-RB

CTIV-7: King George the First (28Feb06 - 1May06) Diplomatic Victory
We're hoping for a Diplomatic Victory, but our priority is just to learn more about how to effectively use diplomacy.
Players: Bede, ChrTh, Conroe, Maquis, Scowler

LK118: France, Monarch, OCC (13Feb06 - 25Feb06) Space Victory
This game ended up being a very close call. If it wasn't for our active use of spies in the end game we possibly could have lost.
Players: Jabah, LKendter, Maquis, Ucel

RB9: Cottage Cheese (8Jan06 - 25Feb06) Space Victory
In this game we could only improve non-resource tiles with either cottages or windmills.
Players: Bede, Conroe, Garrath, Sullla

Merz01: Monarch OCC, Straight Up (30Dec05 - 12Jan06) Space Victory
Between ruthless diplomacy and tons of super specialist this game was an easy win. Keeping our opponents warring with each other helped stunt their own advancement while ours seemed to sky rocket. This was truly an awesome game!
Players: Liquidated, Merzbow, Thormodr

DH3: Empire of Blood and Iron (13Nov05 - 25Mar06) Loss
This is a peaceful game as the Russians until we switch to the civics Police State and State Property. At that point war is allowed. Victory conditions we are going for is Conquest or Domination.
Players: Cizzlewalk, DeceasedHorse, Dimy, Mike Lemmer, Talamane


n0x-02 OCC Culture (16Apr06 - 4Jun06) Culture Victory
They said it couldn't be done, but they we're wrong...
Players-Conroe, n0xie, ruff-hi

Meth01: Culture, with no Wonders (18Dec05 - 6Feb06) Culture Victory
I was curious how hard it would be to earn a cultural victory without building any wonders in our three culture cities. We managed a win but a very late one (2000 AD). I believe what hurt us was starting alone on our continent (which was mostly brown), and not expanding quick enough. The barbs became a major problem due to lack of expanding or fog busting. Great learning experience and a very fun game!
Players: ChrTh, Conroe, MeteorPunch, Soul Warrior

LK113: Always Peace (17Dec05 - 13Jan06) Space Victory
This game is set to always peace and no barbarians. Our intended victory is space.
Players: LKendter, MeteorPunch, Tinkez, Vol


CTIV-2: The Money Game (15Dec05 - 27Feb06) Time Victory
In this game we planned on seeing how/if we can corner the market financially, and exactly what it does. Our tech choices are beelined towards finance and we do not plan on going the religious route.
Players: afpunk, Bede, ChrTh, Conroe

SW9: Malicious Mali (21 Nov 05 - ???)
Now that Dar01 is over it was decided to continue along with the story type game. In this one we are the Malinese and all opponents are of the aggressive type. Ourselves we are the peaceful type and cannot declare war.
Players: Botlgnomz, MjM, SoulWarrior, Whomp

DI1: OCC AW (12Nov05 - 31Dec05) Conquest Loss
Need a lot of practice with warmongering so figured joinging an AW game would do it. Interesting as I've never played AW before, in any Civ version. Started off good until our foreward invasion stopped, and than it was downhill all the way. Our city was under seige until eventually we were destroyed.
Players: Conroe, Disruptive Idiot, Rik Meleet

RB2b- Mali- Just Win Baby (29Oct05 - 15Dec05) Space Victory
Another attempt at learning the game, and hopefully winning.
Captain: Jester
Players: Own, regoarrar, Iester, StarrySurprise, Veovim

Math08: OCC Space (27Oct05 - 10Dec05) Space Victory
Barely used to the new game but figured we'd make an OCC attempt. It was worth it as we launched ourselves to the stars!
Players: BotlGnomz, Mathias, Stuck_as_a_Mac


MM9: Mongolian Massacre AW OCC (15Feb06 - 23Feb06) Conquest Victory
A second attempt at an AW OCC game. This was too easy. The game only took eight days to play and didn't make it past page two of the thread. It was still a lot of fun and should be attempted again on a harder difficulty level.
Players: Codeboy, Conroe, Corbeau, GreyFox, Mark

LK108: Just Win Baby (29Oct05 - 12Dec05) Culture Victory
This game started off as a way for all of us to better learn the game. Indeed it was. Soon it was apparent we could win the game in just about any way we wanted. The preferred method was culturally so that is what we went for. It's amazing how much you can learn about a victory condition by just struggling blindly through.
The best apart about this game was I had just come back from vacation and found the final turnset to be mine. Now that's a way to end a vacation!
Players: DeceasedHorse, Eotinb, LKendter, Meteorpunch


SGOTM3 Team Smurkz (24Nov06 - ???)
Players- battchy, CliftonBazaar, dojoboy, Marc Aurel, McLMan, Methos, Niklas, unkle, zyxy

SGOTM2 Team Smurkz (2Aug06 - 1Dec06)
Players- dojoboy, Marc Aurel, McLMan, Methos, Niklas, zyxy

SGOTM1 Team Smurkz (12May06 - 31Jul06) 1604 Diplomatic Victory
Players- dojoboy, Marc Aurel, McLMan, Niklas, zyxy


IVOTM2: 137th Place(Culture Victory in 1822)
Firaxis score: 2,994 Final Score: 19,920

IVOTM1: 210th Place (Space Victory in 1961)
Firaxis score: 5,415 Final Score: 13,904

Civ III:


Math07: 50k or Bust (13Oct05 - 27Oct05) Cancelled by Team Leader.
Since a 20k seems rather easy this game will be modded so that a single cultural city victory requires 50k instead.
Cancelled: Majority consensus this game wouldn't be any different than a 20k, and with CivIV coming out interest in this game just dropped.
Players: DaveShack, Heroes, Mathias, Own

Nero02: No Science (29Aug05 - 31Dec05) Space Victory
We managed a space victory with absolutely no research at all.
Players: Mathias, namliaM, Nerovats

Dbear02: Jerusalem (England) 20k (31May05 - 17Sep05) Space Loss
Germany got too big and too powerful. We we're unable to slow them down and the Germans reached a space victory some 40 turns or so before our estimated 20k date.
Players- Aegis Shield, Darwin420, Dbear, leha, Lullaby, madviking

TGOMTG (13May05 - 28Aug05) Conquest Victory, but lost at our original objective [Space].
This is my first SG and it is a training game sponsored by Bede. It wasn’t stated but I believe Soul Warrior is also a trainer. We're playing as the Americans and using the variant of no research and no building wonders. Unfortunately too much war slowed the AI's research so a space victory was no longer an option. Instead we just finished the game with a conquest victory.
Trainers- Bede, Soul Warrior
Players- namliaM, S’ven-dropped out at the very beginning


MATH06: RaR 1.04 OCC Space Race (15Sep05 - 17Dec05) Loss
The game was going great and we were speeding through the techs until India reaches 50k culture. Another 12 to 15 turns away until launch.
Players: Beorn-eL-Feared, DaveShack, Disenfrancised, Mathias

MATH04: Another 100k (16Jul05 - 25Sep05) 100k Cultural Victory
In this game we were going for 100k with only five cities that were allowed to build culture. All other cities could not build any culture improvement or wonder whatsoever. The rules were modified so that a single city required 30k culture.
Players- BigNHuge, Mathias, namliaM, Nerovats

MATH02: 100k with Limited Cities (04Jun05 - 14Jul05) 100k Cultural Victory
We could never build or own more than eight cities. The hardest part about this game was keeping our opponents from having half our culture.
Players- Mathias, MeteorPunch, Obormot, pindicator


The3: Great Alexandria (1Sep05 - 14Oct05) Culture Victory
This is a 20k Culture game with the variant Always Peace. It is an attempt to recreate the great historical city. One of our goals/rules is we can only build the three Egyptian wonders in the Ancient Age: Great Library, Lighthouse, and the Pyramids. All other wonders outside the AA are allowed.
Players: Compmage, Theos

MadV4: Sumerian OCC 20k (11Jul05 - 7Aug05) 20k Cultural Victory
The title says it all.
Players- CoolioVonhoolio, MadViking, Mathias, MjM

Dar01: The Sun Never Sets (23Jun05 - 20Nov05) Domination Victory
This is a continuation of the Arab game though this time we are using the English.
Players-CoolioVonHoolio, Darwin420, MjM, Soul Warrior, Vinthekid, Whomp

Arab Invasion (10Jun05 - 23Jun05)
I joined this game when it was already in progress. Each player's turnset is considered as a different leader every time, thereby allowing each player to run a different government, strategy, build/war, etc. The game also has a more RP aspect to it as turnsets are described as if you were the leader. Unfortunately this game ended early due to an error we could not fix. We believe this game was modded and since there was no word from the author we were forced to end the game prematurely. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
Player's (when I joined)-Admiral Kutzov, Darwin420, Soul Warrior, Whomp

SGOTM History:

SGOTM9: Team Smurkz (8Nov05 - 13Jun06) The Gold Laurel
Very interesting variant. We are in a locked war with India (as the Vikings) and are tasked to get the Indians to win by a Space race. Yep, in order to wind we have to lose.:D
Players- CommandoBob, ControlFreak, Niklas, WarDance, zyxy

SGOTM8: Team Durkz (2Aug05 - 28Oct05) The Gold Laurel (Fastest Finish in the Classic Game)
The variant was Hydrophobic Conquest. We won in 1305 AD.
Players- Durkz, Niklas, The Adjudicator, WarDance, zyxy

G/COTM History:

GOTM40: 81st Place (Space Ship victory: 1908 AD)
Firaxis- 1408 Jason- 2970 Regent

COTM11: 115th Place (Culture 20k victory: 1888 AD)
Firaxis- 1877 Jason- 3159 Regent
This one was getting close. 12 turns before I hit the 20k mark the Celts invaded me. They took several key resources very quickly so I wasn't able to defend myself with up-to-date units. To insure victory I began sending everything possible towards them in order to slow their invasion down so I could hit 20k. Another 10 or 20 turns and I would have been toast. Ah, but apparently with a 20k win I'm immortal! :)

COTM12: 139th Place (Incomplete Retired 1370 AD)
Firaxis- 1114 Jason- 711 Monarch
I was doing very good until I made several crucial mistakes all within several turns of each other. I was beginning to come out of it with some well placed wars when I screwed up yet again and left my western border undefended. The invasion was quick and several major cities fell the first turn. Luckily the GOTM Staff had decided to allow retired games.
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