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    Oct 7, 2001
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    Been brainstorming ideas for a temporary fix for the combat system--something to tide me over till a talented modmaker or (knock on wood) Firaxis developes and releases some alternative.

    So tonight I went into CivIII Mod and did this:

    Changed hitpoints to the following:

    Conscript: 5
    Regular: 6
    Veteran: 8
    Elite: 10

    Also boosted (Slightly!) the attack and defense ratings for the modern units. I won't go into an exhaustive description of these changes. Rather, I'll simply highlight some of the ones I feel are most important:

    Musketmen: Att: 3, Def: 5
    Riflemen: Att: 6, Def: 8
    Cavalry: Att: 8, Def: 6
    Infantry: Att: 8, Def: 10
    Tank: Att: 20, Def: 10
    Mech Inf: Att: 14, Def: 22
    Mod Armor: Att: 24, Def:18

    Submarine: Att: 10, Def: 4
    Destroyer: Att: 14, Def: 8
    Battleship: Att: 22, Def: 16
    AEGIS Cruiser: Att 14, Def: 12
    Nuke Sub: Att: 14, Def: 6

    Musketeer: Att: 4, Def: 5
    Cossack: Att: 8, Def: 7
    Man'o'War: Att: 4, Def: 2

    And other changes to movement(enhanced for modern naval units, particularly those that began with nuclear power or would have come to incorporate it), bombard strength, and operational range.

    I boosted the hitpoints for all level of experience in an effort to make battles last longer. The theory here (and bear in mind I absolutely positively suck at math) is that longer combats with more rounds would tend to favor units with higher attack and defense strengths. If any budding statisticians out there can refute this, I would be very grateful for their input.

    My goal here is of course to thwart the tendency of antiquated units to destroy the modern ones(at times with no hitpoint loss to the ancients). At the same time, I did want the modern units to suffer some damage for realisms sake. After all, a tank unit that just engaged a unit of pikemen would probably suffer a few casulties, as well as needing to be refueled and rearmed. This could and should be reflected in some hitpoint loss

    I haven't playtested these changes yet. Besides playbalance issues I'm also concerned about how healing will now function in the game, as elite units will have to recover up to nine hitpoints. Anyone know if there's a way to boost the healing rate? Also: game stability. Has anyone experienced more crashes/lockups/or general hurlyburly after modifying the rules?

    It's now 3:15am in the morning here. Time for bed. Any thoughts/suggestions would be sincerely appreciated...

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