military domination


Sep 6, 2007
...with praetorians of course. i havent played as rome in a while until i started this last game yesterday. playing on a world map with accurate starting locations, so europe is pretty crowded but enough room for each civ to get at least 3 cities. basically got to iron working as fast as i could and started building up my army with my 3 cities, rome, 1 north, 1 south, and sure enough after i build 5 i notice that Greece hasnt connected their copper yet and are defending with archers and warriors, so i take them out (3 cities) without losing a single unit. next carthage is kinda overpowering Sicily with culture, so time to go... wow, 4 cities, didnt lose a unit there either, hell yes.
well, economy is kinda dying now cuz im too big, but not to worry, i'll build colossus and set things straight. just as i start to build it i see that its finished, who is it? bismark! yes, germanys next on the hit list, take them out, then take out egypt and get the shrine..... to sum it up, my economy is doing great, i conquered germany, egypt, greece, carthage and the dutch, thats 5 civs and ive only lost 7 units the ENTIRE game.
i'm surprised you never really used the "power of the praets"... well, they're just that powerful!
Real-life rome problem was barbarians and maintenance; lose to the barbs in Civ is impossible, and the maintenance is easily countered... use them to grab as much land ASAP, you won't get another chance! :)
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