Missionaries have +2 extra spread and I don't know why


Jul 22, 2022
So missionaries have a base of 3 spread charges, right? Well in this latest game I'm playing I notice they have 5. I'm not playing India, I don't have Hagia Sophia (or any wonders), I don't have the Mosque (or any worship buildings, in fact I haven't even selected a worship belief yet), and I don't see anything else that would be causing this. I'm have all the DLC and expansions enabled, I'm playing as Jadwiga on Immortal Difficulty, my pantheon is God of Craftsmen, my beliefs (so far) are Reliquaries and Holy Order, and I'm Suzerain of Kandy, Yerevan and Venice. I have Barbarian Clans, Heroes & Legends, Monopolies & Corporations and Secret Societies enabled, and I'm a member of the Voidsingers. My government is Autocracy and my policies are Urban Planning, Charismatic Leader, Caravansaries and Scripture.

The mods I have enabled are as follows:

Immersive Dialogue
Gedemo's Caesar
Gedemo's Goa City-State
Gedemo's Honolulu City-State
Gedemo's Kition City-State
Gedemo's Knossos City-State
Gedemo's Milano City-State
Gedemo's Napoli City-State
Gedemo's Prague City-State
Gedemo's Ragusa City-State
Gedemo's Riga City-State
Gedemo's Sealand City-State
Gedemo's Zagreb City-State
Hillier Hills
Strudeler's Mods: Judea Civilization
UC: District Expansion: Worship
Rest Reminder
Better Espionage Screen
Community Quick User Interface
Current Time of Day
Darker Dark Ages
Detailed Map Tacks
Emu War Mod
Extended Policy Cards
Hyperspeed (The current game I'm playing is on standard speed, but I do have that mod downloaded)
Improved City Names
Leugi's Unique District Icons
Oasis Caravanserai
Quick Deals
Radial Measuring Tool
Real Stylish Great People
Real Era Tracker
Real Great People
Real Strategy
Reveal Secret Society Promotions
Sukritact's Babylon Rework
Sukritact's Global Relations Panel
Sukritact's Ingolfur (Iceland)
Tomatekh's Historical Religions
Unique Improvement: Castrum (Rome)
What Did I Promise
Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

I don't see what could be causing this. My guess is that one of these mods is either doing something it shouldn't or has some feature I'm unaware of. That or there's some completely obvious reason that I missed. But if anyone could maybe shed some light on this, that would be greatly appreciated.


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What about your dedication? There is a golden age dedication that gives missionaries +2 spreads, and you are in a golden age.
What about your dedication? There is a golden age dedication that gives missionaries +2 spreads, and you are in a golden age.
I'm a dumb-dumb. Every place I looked when I googled what gives missionaries extra spreads failed to mention this. Thank you!
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