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Mix-'n-Match Feature

Bonyduck Campersang

Dec 11, 2022
Civilization VII should include a mix-n-match feature available from the setup menu, which allows you to select a Civilization, a Leader, a Unique Unit, and a Unique Infrastructure from the already existing ones in the game.

So you could end up with a combo like (if this were implemented in Civilization V:

Civilization: Ottoman Empire (Greate Turkish Bombard): +30% Production Production toward Siege units. Siege units gain +5 Strength Combat Strength when attacking defensible districts. Conquering a city doesn't cause that city to lose Citizen Population. +1 Amenity Amenity and +4 Loyalty per turn for cities not founded by the Ottomans.

Leader: Genghis Khan (Mongol Horde): Cavalry class units gain +3 Combat Strength and have a chance to capture defeated cavalry class enemy units.

Unique Unit: Winged Hussar:
  • Common abilities:
  • Special abilities:
    • Pushes back enemies if it does more damage than it takes when attacking. Defenders that cannot be pushed back take additional damage.
Unique Improvement: Pairidaeza: +1 Culture Culture
+2 Gold Gold
+1 Appeal to adjacent tiles
+1 Culture Culture for every adjacent Holy Site or Theater Square
+1 Gold Gold for every adjacent Commercial Hub
+1 Gold Gold if adjacent to a City Center
+1 Culture Culture (Req. Diplomatic Service Diplomatic Service)
Provides Tourism Tourism equal to its Culture Culture output (Req. Flight Flight)
I was working on a Mod that improves the Setup Menu, adding a bunch of QoL Improvements, and also some new cool Features:
- Civilization and Leader Customizer: You can pick the Civ and Leader for your... Civ? Leader?.. let's say your Faction. But there isn't an easy way to also have a picker for Uniques, thus Uniques stay with their Civ/Leader. Like picking Suleiman will also keep his Janissary UU.
- Custom Name your Leader: exactly what it says.
- Civ/Leader Randomizer Game Mode: All major Players in the Game will have their Civs and Leaders randomized.
- Maybe you'll notice this in the Pictures ;)

Don't know when the Mod will be ready, but here are some screenshots:


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Would no doubt be unbalanced, but hey as a game mode unbalanced can still be quite fun! Find the way to break the game the game.
So would your mod work with only the in-game civilizations or could it account for civs and leaders from mods as well?
Yes! It works with any Mods that add New Civilizations/Leaders or change existing ones.

Would no doubt be unbalanced, but hey as a game mode unbalanced can still be quite fun! Find the way to break the game the game.
Yeah, that's for sure. The point of such a Mode after all isn't to play a normal balanced Game, but to explore new Strategies, and combining traits that may compliment each other.
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