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    Fall from Hyrule
    That hammer sorta looks like an ocarina, right?


    Gather round ye tasty morsels! For it is the announcement of the Civilization version of everyone's favorite Nintendo fantasy/adventure game! Long have I toiled in the darkened back room of my apartment so that I might bring you the exclusive screens and details of this exciting project yesterday, but I was lazy, so you get it today instead. And without further ado!


    Hylian Race
    Leaders: Princess Zelda, King of Hyrule
    Pros: Financial bonus from lucrative market shooting galleries
    Cons: All soldiers can only stand still or move in small square patterns

    Goron Race
    Leaders: Darunia, Darbus
    Pros: Mines give units extra :strength: to all units.
    Cons: Almost nil sight radius (I mean they can't even tell when Link cheats at sumo wrestling by putting on iron boots)

    Zora Race
    Leaders: King Zora, Queen Rutela
    Pros: Gain extra :move: in the water, fish resources are :) -worthy
    Cons: Are currently frozen

    Korkiri Race
    Leaders: Great Deku Tree
    Pros: Childlike innocense and sense of wonder
    Cons: Randomly turn into tree stump-like things outside of the forest

    Deku Race
    Leaders: Deku King
    Pros: Can pop out of the ground to ambush foes
    Cons: No arms means no assault rifle promotions :(

    Shiekah Clan
    Leaders: Impa, that one-eyed cackling statue
    Pros: Can perform sneaky attacks and escapes
    Cons: Genderly ambiguous attire can give you sexually confused feelings

    Go(Mo)(Bul)?blin Race
    Leaders:Ganon, King Bulblin
    Pros: Experience at losing is still experience
    Cons: Pigs, bulldogs, or regular orcs? get your concept art consistent, please!

    Gerudo Tribe
    Leaders: Ganondorf, Nabooru
    Pros: mmm, nothing like hot amazonian warrior bandits with hearts of gold
    Cons: Can only grow population by sending Great Breeders on missions into foreign cities.

    Rito Race
    Leaders: Rito Chieftan
    Pros: A flying race that can cross all terrain types.
    Cons: Units can only fight when not on mail carrier duty, and you heard about that whole "through rain, through sleet" business.

    Twili Race
    Leader: Midna
    Pros: A race with good potential, but doesn't apply itself.
    Cons: Try doing something besides standing still and moaning.


    Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!
    That's the statement of the greatment in Fall from Hyrule maps.

    In keeping with one done-to-death feature from the Zelda series, each map you play on will have its own dark side/future clone/twilight realm sort of thing. Civs who utilize the mirror shards properly can essentially double their real estate, sneak past previously unpassable passages, and wreak havoc on another civ's present by altering its past.

    Other Stuff

    Hundreds of new techs!!!

    There are also plenty of new wonders based on locales in the Zelda series. Dungeons, for example, will make your cities take an extra 1-3 hours to invade, especially if it's a Water Temple.

    The lucky ones will even be able to win the match by aquiring the ~~Triforce~~ by building the Tower of Din, which requires the Temple of Farore, which requires the Edifice of Nayru, which requires the Tower of Din!

    The above strategy will also help you out in the upcoming Rhye's of Eternal Darkness mod.

    So..um...yeah. Look for updates!
    The End and
    Post April Fools!

    And imageshack is being arse slow today, so have patience.
  2. ClassicThunder

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    Sep 15, 2006
    Wow. This looks sweet. Wait till morning and I'll actually think of something intelligent to say. Love the old games. The new ones are meh. But orcnia(sp?) of time was great. lol a mod hasn't made me this giddy in ages.

    I want to play as the Zoros they were my favorite of all time.
  3. Teg_Navanis

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    Jan 21, 2006
    Would love to have a closer look at your tech tree, but the link to the bigger picture isn't working.
  4. TheBladeRoden

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    Oct 16, 2005
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    If the picture were any bigger, you might see that it was actually the regular tech tree cloned a bunch of times.
  5. Vrenir

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    Oct 11, 2006
    We might also note that this was created on April 1st.
  6. Teg_Navanis

    Teg_Navanis King

    Jan 21, 2006
    Actually, it was April 3rd, but it still looks as if he meant it as an April Fools Joke. I guess I should have read it through instead of just looking at the pictures :p

    The funny thing is: in order to fool us into believing that he's working on a mod, he really did mod the game, if only to a small extent (making a leader and a map).
  7. Potatish

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    May 2, 2004
    Hahaha, Wand of Gamelon material?

    Now that is a good joke, man.
  8. TheBladeRoden

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    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
    Maybe in your time zone ;)

    Also I often misunderestimate how long it will take me to write threads.

    Well, the Hyrule map is a real one I did last year, but it played like crap.
  9. Cristoval

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    Apr 11, 2006
    This would've been quite the mod.

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