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[MOD] Fall from Heaven II

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Kael, May 18, 2006.

  1. Omegon3

    Omegon3 Prince

    Aug 31, 2007
    A question (out of curiousity) since we're on the subject of Acheron... Usually by the time I get a sufficient number of troops (including at least a couple of beastmasters), I find that one or even two other civilizations has a large number of troops at Acheron's city. In the last game when I took my troops to the city, Faerly must have had close to forty units stationed there. My question is this: Do the AIs know about "courage" (and other) promotions? I've never seen them actually attack the dragon despite the fact that frequently that have a sufficient number of units that they could PROBABLY take the city. I'm guessing this is because they don't have a clue why their troops cannot attacked Acheron...

  2. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    The AI doesn't know to move its casters in order to cast more useful spells, and I don't think that it really understands fear. If the caster is already in the stack and doesn't have a spell that it considers more useful that it can cast, then it will cast courage, valor, enchanted blade, etc.
  3. Omegon3

    Omegon3 Prince

    Aug 31, 2007
    I've probably had it in my game and I just didn't notice but... In my last game one of the events (?) that occurred was the founding of the "Beast Clan" (somewhat into the game). What the heck is the Beast Clan?

  4. eddfire3

    eddfire3 Warlord

    Feb 20, 2003
    A quick question: If there is a tie for the overcouncil leader vote, who wins? I may have gone to fast but it seemed to me after there was a 2-2 tie that I got no confirmation of who the leader was. Also how do you vote on resolutions? Are they random events or is there some "council" page? The later seems unlikely, as I could find no such thing.

    Also I just noticed in that same game that suddenly all of my terrain improvements on resources (camp, plantation, etc.) disappeared. I have since begun re constructing them, but was somewhat confused. Does a civilization have a world spell that destroys other civilization's resource improvements? Or was it some other event? It was not limited to one city, nor do I have marauding barbarians running around.

    EDIT: Nevermind, found out both answers on my own, with resource one being confirmed by Nor'easter
  5. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    When the Armageddon Counter reaches 40, an event called the Blight happens. It destroys all agricultural-type improvements (farms, plantations, camps, wineries). It also has a chance of turning grasslands or plains into deserts, as well as permanently destroying non-strategic resources (cow, pig, corn, wheat, etc.). So have some workers ready to rebuild improvements and hook up the resources. Also, some spellcasters with water I so they can cast spring and upgrade the deserts to plains.
  6. eddfire3

    eddfire3 Warlord

    Feb 20, 2003
    Thanks, as soon I was back to the game I realized the AC had reached 42 and was like "hm...I bet that caused it."
  7. johny smith

    johny smith Deity

    Mar 10, 2007
    Just to let you know the installer does not work unless you let it extract the files to the default location. I am running windows xp as well. So the solution is to copy files over after you let it extract to the default location. I mean if you are not using the default location for your civilization game. It did not make the fpk file and theme resource folder for me.
  8. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Fall from Heaven II 0.31 is uploaded and linked in the first post. It is a completly new version of the mod (not a patch) and inlcudes the following changes:

    1. Pyre Zombies now explode after combat.
    2. Illians can pick the Illian only option on the Dedicate Obelisk event (and the + food option lowered from 3 to 1).
    3. Fixed an issue with the Guild of the Nine pirate mercs triggering in non-coastal cities.
    4. Fixed an error in the machine parts events that kept the weak and strong promotions from being applied.
    5. Teutorix can't be conscripted anymore.
    6. Fixed the Holy Child event.
    7. Fixed a python error in the elven Guild of the Nine event.
    8. Fixed the Ransom event.
    9. The Nature Node Flare event won't create forests on water anymore.
    10. Warcry won't be applied to non-combat units anymore (fixes a WoC bug).
    11. The Leviathan will no longer spawn on Ice.
    12. Empyrean units can respawn as Angels, Council of Esus units can return as Manes.
    13. Cleaned up the Fugative event (it used to grant espionage points).
    14. Planar Gate creatures can now be drawn through by free buildings (so minotaurs will be pulled through from weponsmiths provided by the golden forge).
    15. Added a check to the Mask spell so it can't be cast by a unit in cargo or that has cargo.
    16. Added a block in so that the AI wont switch recon units to worker ai (to fix a WoC).
    17. The Inn to Housing event only applies the bonus to the target city, not all cities.
    18. Fixed an error in Dispel Magic that made it always castable, even if there wasnt anythign for it to do.
    19. Fixed a WoC error caused by the AI tryign to figure out what to do with equipment (switched them to Domain Immobile so it wouldnt try to move them).

    1. Added python callbacks for when a unit wins or loses combat.
    2. Added the Kidnap spell (special ability of Svartalfar recon units, steals great specialists from cities, can cause war).
    3. Added the Mimic unit (Blaseraph only, Champion replacement, steals a random promotion from units it defeats).
    4. Added the Destroy the Pyre of the Seraphic event.
    5. Added the Bandit Nietz event.
    6. Added the Mystic Tree event (inspiration, idea by Xienwolf).
    7. Added a game option to remove Acheron from the game.
    8. Added a game option to remove Orthus from the game.
    9. Added a game option to remove Hell terrain from the game (this should improve performance quite a bit on large maps).
    10. Added the Lucian unit (scenario specific, world unit).
    11. Added the Werewolf event (judgement).
    12. Added the Frostling unit.
    13. Added the Frostling event.
    14. Added the Winterborn promotion (+10% attacking and defending in tundra and snow tiles, +20% vs cold damage -10% vs fire damage).
    15. Added the Polar Bear unit.
    16. Added the scenario screen.
    17. Added the Penguins feature (+1 happiness, art by AA).
    18. Added the Penguins event.
    19. Added the Scrub feature (art by AA).
    20. Removed the Treetop Defense promotion.
    21. Removed the Domesticate Elephants tech.
    22. Removed the Large Animal Stables building.
    23. Added the Palisade building (40 cost, +10% defense, no tech requirements).
    24. Removed the Dimensional sphere (Chanter keeps the Escape spell).
    25. Removed the Dimensional Flare event.
    26. Added the Graveyard improvement (unbuildable, raising skeletons in a graveyard grants 3 skeletons, sanctifying a graveyard grants a free law bringer and lowers the AC, robbing a graveyard produces random results, casting ressurection on a graveyard gets you a free champion).
    27. Added the Standing Stones unique feature.
    28. Added the Rob Grave ability.
    29. Removed the Ring of Warding building.
    30. Removed the Burning Blood spell.
    31. Removed the Summon Kikijub spell.
    32. Removed the Kikijub unit.
    33. Removed the Unholy Taint spell.
    34. Removed the Summon Azer spell.
    35. Removed the Whitefire spell.
    36. Removed the Summon Phantasm spell.
    37. Removed the Phantasm unit.
    38. Removed the Summon Guardian Vines spell.
    39. Removed the Hideous Thoughts spell.
    40. Removed the Conjure Lifespark spell.
    41. Removed the Lifespark unit.
    42. Removed the Righteous Cause spell.
    43. Removed the Summon Lightning Elemental spell.
    44. Removed the Law Bringer spell.
    45. Removed the Restore City spell.
    46. Removed the Meteor Swarm spell.
    47. Removed the Banish spell.
    48. Removed the Summon Imp spell.
    49. Removed the Spiritual Hammer spell.
    50. Removed the Spiritual Hammer promotion.
    51. Removed the Transmutation spell.
    52. Removed the Spirit Guide spell.
    53. Removed the Summon Chaos Marauder spell.
    54. Removed the Conjurer unit (Illusionist and Puppeteer become Mage UU's).
    55. Removed the Summoner unit (Eater for Dreams becomes an Archmage UU).
    56. Removed the Ethereal Call tech.
    57. Removed the Soul Debt tech.
    58. Removed the Summoning tech.
    59. Added the Stealth promotion (units with stealth can use the Hide spell, Krakens, Ghosts and Rathus start with Stealth).
    60. Removed the Defile spell.
    61. Removed the Sorcery promotion.
    62. Removed the Summoning promotion.
    63. Added the Adventure Mode game option (scenario specific, this isnt available as an open game option).
    64. Added the No Duin game option.
    65. Added the Graveyard event.
    66. Floating Eye is now a Metamagic 1 spell.
    67. Added the Metamagic sphere (bonus, improvements, builds).
    68. Added the Metamagic promotions (as well as granting spells they also grant +5 to spell damage and -5% to victims spell resistance per rank).
    69. Removed the Command promotion.
    70. Added the Command I promotion (10% chance to capture defeated living units).
    71. Added the Command II promotion (20% chance to capture defeated living units).
    72. Added the Command III promotion (20% chance to capture defeated living units).
    73. Added the Command IV promotion (20% chance to capture defeated living units, only learnable by Order high priests).
    74. Added the Inquisitor promotion (allows the unit to use the Inquistion spell).
    75. Removed the Inquisitor unitclass (Luonnotar made into a Druid UU).
    76. Removed the Divine Right tech.
    77. Added the Switch Civs event (human players in first place in single players games will have the option to switch to another civ).
    78. Added the Azer event.
    79. Added the Transmutation to Copper event.
    80. Added the Transmutation to Gold event.
    81. Moved Flames Spread into the SDK (for performance).
    82. Moved Ancient Forest growth into the SDK (for performance).

    Balance Changes:
    1. Shadows don't do spy missions anymore.
    2. The Sidar start with Shadow mana instead of Body mana.
    3. Dragons are immune to fear.
    4. The Doviello and the Illians have Winterborn as their default race.
    5. Mobius Witches can start with Shadow or Sun spheres.
    6. Cultural defense reduced from 0/20/40/60/80/100 to 0/10/20/30/40/50.
    7. Cultural defense is now cumulative with building defense (instead of using the higher of the two).
    8. Bear Totem doesnt offer buildling defense anymore.
    9. Wall of Stone and Walls given +25% bombard defense.
    10. Archery Range (and the Ljosalfar version) increased from +5% defense to +10% defense.
    11. Bowyers now grants +10% defense.
    12. Fort/Castle/Citadel defensive bonuses apply to units in cities within range.
    13. The Treetop Defense spell completly fortifies units in the plot.
    14. Manticore strength reduced from 13/9 to 12/8, they are given +1 poison strength and the cannibalize ability, they are now drawn through Planar Gates by Hippodromes instead of Large Animal Stables.
    15. Sheaim start with Death mana instead of Dimensional mana.
    16. Summon Sand Lion spell is now a free spell only available for Malakim Mages and Archmages.
    17. Entangle is now a free spell only available to Druids.
    18. Crush is now a free spell only available to Dwarven Druids.
    19. Enervation does some death damage in addition to its normal effect.
    20. Citadel's of Light now use a weaker version of the Pillar of Fire spell instead of summoning fireballs.
    21. Pillar of Fire is now a free spell only available to Chalid.
    22. Rage is now a free spell only available to Buboes.
    23. Hastur's Razor in now a free spell only available to Hemah.
    24. Hide spell is now a free spell only available to recon units that follow the Council of Esus.
    25. Maelstrom spell damage reduced and moved from Air3 to Air2.
    26. Mutation is now a Chaos 2 Sorcery spell.
    27. Shadowwalk reduced from Shadow 3 Sorcery to a Shadow 2 Sorcery spell.
    28. Removed the -1 happiness from Dungeons.
    29. Pass through the Ether requires Arcane Lore instead of Ethereal Call.
    30. Rites of Oghma moved from Etheral Call to Strength of Will.
    31. Soul Forge requires the Malevolent Designs tech instead of Soul Debt.
    32. Beast of Agares requires the Malevolent Designs tech instead of Soul Debt.
    33. Contagion is now a free spell only available to Mary.
    34. Contagion applies the Plagued promotion instead of the Diseased promotion.
    35. Cost of Sorcery increased from 1600 to 2000.
    36. Summon rebalance- Air Elemental (Moves: 2, Combat: 5 (+2 lightning) +1 air affinity, Special: +2 sight range, flying, immune to lightning damage, spawns lightning elementals from combat).
    37. Summon rebalance- Aurealis (Moves: 1, Combat: 6 +2 sun affinity)
    38. Summon rebalance- Balor (Moves: 1, Combat: 7/3 (+4 unholy), Special: resists fire, stigmata)
    39. Summon rebalance- Earth Elemental (Moves: 1, Combat: 11 +1 earth affinity)
    40. Summon rebalance- Einherjar (Moves: 2, Combat: 6 (+4 holy), Special: duration extended by winning combat)
    41. Summon rebalance- Fire Elemental (Moves: 2, Combat: 6 (+3 fire) +1 fire affinity, Special: immune to fire damage, soes collateral damage, cant enter snow tiles)
    42. Summon rebalance- Kraken (Moves: 4, Combat: 13, Special: can hide, domain sea)
    43. Summon rebalance- Mistform (Moves: 2, Combat: 6 +1 shadow affinity, Special: hidden nationality, invisible, ignores building defense)
    44. Summon rebalance- Pit Beast (Moves: 2, Combat: 10, 8 (+2 unholy), Special: duration extended by winning combat)
    45. Summon rebalance- Treant (Moves: 1, Combat: 10, Special: vulnerable to fire, woodsman 1 + woodsman 2)
    46. Summon rebalance- Water Elemental (Moves: 1, Combat: 8 +1 water affinity, Special: water walking)
    47. Summon rebalance- Wraith (Moves: 2, Combat: 6 (+3 death) +1 death affinity, Special: vile touch, fear)
    48. Rust moved to an Entropy 2 spell.
    49. Stoneskin moved to an Earth 2 spell.
    50. Graft Flesh moved to an Body 3 spell.
    51. Order Priests start with the Spirit Guide promotion.
    52. Veil priests start with the Unholy Taint promotion.
    53. Scorch changes Snow terrain to Tundra terrain.
    54. Medic 3 can now be learned by units with Medic 2 (high priests).
    55. Reduced the unique range for Rush bonuses (to keep reagents from being blocked from appearing, thanks cephalo!).
    56. Overlords priests start with Water Walking.
    57. Increased the resistance modifier to Charm Person from +20% to +40% (its now easier to resist) and the expire chance increased from 5% to 25%.
    58. Increased the resistance modifier to Blinding Light from +20% to +40% (its now easier to resist).
    59. War Elephants reduced to being exactly like normal elephants except they are able to attack, have 2 moves, and get a bonus vs mounted units. They can no longer be built (they are only be created by upgrading a captured elephant).
    60. Donal gets the recruiter ability back after killing an Undead or a Demon.
    61. Angels of Death reduce the population of cities they attack by 1.
    62. Beasts of Agares are completly healed if they defeat a Paladin in battle.
    63. Lightning Elementals heal 50% after winning combat.
    64. Repentant Angels lose 1 strength whenever they kill a living unit in combat.
    65. Goblins that defeat wolf units are automatically upgraded to Wolf Riders.
    66. Dispel Magic is now a Metamagic 2 spell, it also tranfroms upgraded mana nodes it is cast on to raw mana nodes.
    67. Floating Eye is now a Metamagic 1 spell.
    68. Summon rebalance- Djinn (Moves: 2, Combat: 1 +1 affinity for all mana types)
    69. Summon Djinn is now a Metamagic 3 spell.
    70. Amurites palace starts with Metamagic mana instead of Mind mana.
    71. Rites of Oghma production cost is halved if you have Metamagic mana.
    72. Divine Retribution damage reduced from an average of 60% to 50%.
    73. Govannon can train disciple units again (since that doesn't interfere with priest spells anymore).
    74. Increased the spellcaster exp chance for the Arcane promotion from +10 to +20.
    75. Decreased the spellcaster exp chance for the Unholy Taint promotion from +20 to +10.
    76. Command Posts production cost increased from 120 to 180.
    77. Priests can upgrade to Paladins, Druids and Eidolons.
    78. All 28 national units increased from a limit of 3 per player to 4.
    79. Immortality will now save units that die from spell damage and such.
    80. Griffons are animals that can spawn, be captured, etc.
    81. Dies Diei and Nox Noctis are no longer required for Undercouncil and Overcouncil, instead you just need 2 members of either council to start votes.
    82. Blight effect switched temporary unhealthiness in all non infernal cities (for 5-15 turns), 25% death damage to all living units, effects all players.
    83. The Broken Sepulcher is razeable.

    Cosmetic Changes:
    1. Added new Sheaim Adept model by seZereth.
    2. New/updated Malakim Archer, Swordmen, Champion and Worker models by seZereth.
    3. Added new Sheaim Mage model by seZereth.
    4. Infernal Longbowmen no longer fire red blobs (the penicillan worked!).
    5. New Svartalfar Crossbowman by Ploep (and the svar have crossbowmen instead of flurries now).
  9. Rex rgis of Ter

    Rex rgis of Ter Me I'm a Creator

    Jul 10, 2007
  10. Dogfax

    Dogfax Chieftain

    Oct 19, 2007
    looks like I wandered over here at the right time!
  11. Skippa

    Skippa Noble

    Nov 8, 2005
    Wow,I wake up on Good Friday and get a new FFH2 version.
    Downloading now.
  12. Omegon3

    Omegon3 Prince

    Aug 31, 2007
    Please tell me that there is something that replaces each of the above spells; otherwise, I'm not sure that I'm upgrading to .31 despite all the cool new things that have been put into the game. Some of the above I used heavily in either defending or attacking cities...

    While I think that it is neat to have captured elephants do something, I don't think that I like the idea of devaluing ivory to this extent -- especially if war elephants aren't any stronger than the captured elephant (makes them one of the weaker "special" units").

    Anyway, it sounds like there are many great things in the new .31 release and a lot of hours put into it, but I'm really concerned about the removal of all the arcane spells...
  13. Nikis-Knight

    Nikis-Knight Deity

    Dec 22, 2005
    Orange County, CA
    Check out this thread for details:
    Might as well download it if you have the chance; it won't overwrite the old version and you can go back no problem if you choose to and don't delete the old folder.
  14. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Patch "a" is linked in the first post. It resolves the follwoing issues and won't break save games (though if you have broken golems you may want to restart anyway).

    1. Fixed an error in the Rob Graves function.
    2. Fixed an error in the Arcance Lacuna spell.
    3. Summon Djinn now correctly requires Metamagic III instead of Earth III.
    4. Graft Flesh now correctly requires Body III instead of Earth III.
    5. Fixed broken graphics on the Repentant Angel unit.
    6. Fixed a CtD caused when a unit moves into a Scrubs tile.
    7. Fixed a CtD with the Azer event.
    8. Units can only pick up equipment they own.
    9. Fixed an error with Dispel Magic caused by using it on a mana node without an improvement.
    10. Blasting Workshops won't break Golems anymore.
  15. Rando

    Rando Warlord

    Dec 7, 2005
    Hi Kael,

    Thanks as always for the quick patches! Also, out of curiousity does the media pack for .30 work for .31 or is there going to be a new media pack for .31?
  16. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    There will be a new media pack (its not that you cant get the old one to work, but I wouldn't be surprised if you start to see a bunch of OOS errors in multiplayer games if you retrofitted the old media pack and someone your palying with used the new one).
  17. bit_cynical

    bit_cynical Chieftain

    Feb 26, 2008

    Have downloaded and installed 2.031 twice with and without patch but still the following happens.

    Don't get a main menu, just the background, although 2.030 worked and still works fine :sad: :help::help: ????
  18. War Chicken

    War Chicken Warlord

    Jan 16, 2006
    Pfungstadt, Germany
    Merging the casters is generally a very good Idea, but as far as I see (The first page of Thread 267431), you took out all the direct damage spells - Even my beloved Meteor swarm.

    I will check this out as soon as the download is finished. And I suppose it's good - you earlier made some decisions I doubted to be good and they revealed to be good :)
    You'll get my feedback as soon as I have something to say - which will probably not be earlier than tuesday.

    Happy Easter guys!
  19. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Patch "b" is linked in the first post. it won't break save games and fixes the following issues:

    Patch "b":
    1. Fixed a WoC caused by barbarian units betraying loop (thanks Sto!).
    2. Fixed the Summon Djinn spell so it actually summons Djinn's.
    3. Lucian isn't conscriptable anymore.
    4. Fixed an error in the postCombatHeal50 function.
    5. Fixed the Mask ability.
    6. Removed Ranged Defense provided by Forts/Castles/Citadels (it was causing a lot of CtD's, I'm tryign to fix it but for now its disabled so people can play while I work on it).
  20. Omegon3

    Omegon3 Prince

    Aug 31, 2007
    I asked this question a long time ago and never got a response so I'll try again...

    There is a form on the Diplomacy function called, I believe, "Glance" in the standard Civ 4 BTS game that for some reason was never added to FfH. While I don't play the standard game very often (my wife does a little more), one of the things I like about it is the "Glance" form that pretty much summarizes how well (or bad) your relations are with each of your opponents.

    Is there any chance that we fans of FfH will be seeing this form sometime in the future or did the developers deem it pretty worthless?


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