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MOD: Feels like Civ 2

Dec 31, 2001
Christchurch, New Zealand
I wrote this mod in order to make the Civ 3 games feel more like the old Civ 2. It's not an exact replica by any means and I've probably got some things wrong. Please let me know. If anyone wants to take this and make it even more like Civ 2, feel free to do so.

The main changes are as follows:

Workers, Scouts, Leaders and Armies have been removed and Settlers work the way they use to.

Working rate has been adjusted to approximate Civ 2. I've guessed a bit here so excuse me if I got some of it wrong.

All terrain output, defense bonuses etc has been changed to reflect Civ 2. The one exception is swamps and glaciers - since these are not in Civ 3, flood plains have been used to perform the combined function of both.

Strategy and luxury resources have been removed. All the resources appearing on the map again reflect that of Civ 2. Since I've used discarded strategy resource icons in some cases, they may not always be what they appear, though I've used images that sort-of approximate what they are. Right-click on the terrain to find out what is actually there when in doubt. And the output of these resources should accurately reflect Civ 2.

Cultural effects have been turned off, no cities overwhelmed and wanting to join etc. Other civilizations are not interested in your culture.

I've had to use cultural points in the early stages to give the full 21 production squares. It would've been nice to have been able to automatically give 10 culture points to a city but this isn't possible as far as I know. What I have done though, is allow early buildings (Palace, Barracks, Granary, Temple, Walls) each give 1 culture point, but all other improvements give -1 so culture won't keep growing for very long, just enough to get the production squares. The border factor is 25 so you will need 25 culture points. It will eventually halt - culture never goes negative.

I wanted to change the tech tree to be like Civ 2, but it was a too messy and long a job trying to make it look good on the advisor's screen so I abandoned it and left it as per Civ 3. If anyone else wants to take up this project by all means feel free to.

I also wanted to go through all the units, giving them costs, attack, defense etc, reflecting the chart given with Civ 2 but it's just too tedious. The only units I did change in this regard are the Settler and the Explorer. Again, feel free to take this up as your own project if you like.

I've kept unique units and attributes for the civs in, knowing that you can switch them off in the new game screen if you prefer. If you don't, expansionist civs get an extra Settler instead of the now-discarded scout. And remember, you don't need strategic resources to to build units anymore.

There are other tweaks as well to approximate the old game - government types, city sizes, content citizens etc.

Anyway, I hope the main intention for this mod is acheived even if some of the details are wrong, that is, to return it to a "just one more turn" feel, the old Civ 2 again.


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I've added ZOC to units.

I've also fixed an embarrassing :o mistake I made when calculating figures for resources. I misinterpreted the Civ 2 chart, and didn't realise the resource figures were inclusive of the land they were found in, not in addition to. So I've readjusted the figures down accordingly. It feels much better now.
Originally posted by leon236
no offense, but if people wanted to play the game like in civ 2, why would they be using civ 3?

Because Civ3 has a much better interface.

The Rusty Gamer - noble project here, I was going to do it myself but are several problems. One is with luxury resources- try playing an Emperor or Deity (or any level for that matter) without any luxuries in civ3. Civ2 wasn't programmed to cause unhappiness the way civ3 does, in civ3 it is countered with luxuries.

Also, without changing the techs and units this mod is not even close to halfway civ2. Did you change any wonders/improvements to suit civ2? So far it looks like all you did was take out resources, eliminate culture, and make the settler civ2ish.

Remember even civ2 had bonus resources that are now straegic resources. For example, iron existed as a bonus in civ2, but you didn't need it for anything. In civ3m it serves the dual-purpose.

Its a nice idea, but requires much more work.
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