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Modding Snag. Little help?

Discussion in 'Mod Creation Help' started by Danite1, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Danite1

    Danite1 Chieftain

    Feb 22, 2021
    Recently, I've been working on a Latter-Day Saint civilization. I am still debating whether it will be Deseret, led Brigham Young or Zion, led Joseph Smith. To some of you, this might sound a little loony; "aren't Mormons just a religion?" There's an exposition at the bottom for those curious.

    My idea looks like like this:

    UA: (Building up Zion) Temples double religious pressure out of the city they are built in. Cities bordering your cities that are 100% your religion join your empire.

    UU: (Nauvoo Legion) Purchased for 50 Faith. Can remove heresy and spread religion. +10 faith for every enemy killed by it. Replaces Rifleman.

    UB: (Tabernacle) +9 faith, +9 culture, +3 great works spots to city.

    How would I work the first one? I got the others down, but everytime I try to get something working for the first one, it either doesn't work or my game crashes when I try to play as this civ. Thanks for reading.

    A Condensed History - Not Essential

    As far back as Kirtland in Ohio, the Church established its own semi-independent, pseudo-theocratic, culturally divergent settlements in the frontier. This is tied back to two doctrines: the Gathering of Israel, and the Building up of Zion. The former caused the Saints to see themselves as a different people, and the latter as the builders of not only a spiritual, but also a political Kingdom of God. In spite of this, the Saints were loyal and patriotic Americans. After moving further west to Missouri, (which we hold to be a Land of Promise for our people) this dichotomy would be further emphasized. In fact, it got so bad there that a new county (Caldwell) was created specifically for us. Eventually, mob violence, government enforced expulsion out of several counties, and other injustices would become commonplace. The Missourians tired of strange people flooding into the territory, the Church dominating economics, and having a huge sway over politics. All this tension culminated on election day, where there was a massive brawl, setting off the Missouri Mormon War. The war would end in Executive Order 44, otherwise known as the "Mormon Extermination Order." We would flee to Illinois, where we would be given the charter for a city known as Nauvoo. This was a "Mormon Reservation" in every way but name. It was allowed to have its own militia, (which rivaled the size of the whole US army at the time) its own courts with expanded powers, and its own institutions. Nauvoo today is recognized by Saints and gentiles alike as a kind of nation, there's whole books on the subject for those interested. (Kingdom of Nauvoo, Kingdom on the Mississippi Revisited, etc.) Cutting Illinois short: persecution would ramp up. Due to this, the Council of the Fifty started meeting; they begin drafting a constitution of the Kingdom of God, looking for land outside of the United States so as to settle it, and establish an independent nation. The Nauvoo Expositor will get word about some of the affairs of the council, misrepresent it, and incite violence against the "demons in human shape" (Mormons). To protect the city, and the Latter-Day Saints, the press was destroyed. Joseph Smith would willingly go into custody so as to prevent his people seeing desolation. He would be murdered by a mob in Carthage Jail, likely a conspiracy by the governor. The Mormon War in Illinois would break out. There would be several attacks on Nauvoo, and a lot of mob violence elsewhere. Then the exodus would happen, and we would settle Deseret. Here, make no mistake, we set up an autonomous theodemocracy with the intention of building our own nation. We would find ourselves in America's border's once again after the Mexican-American War. We would then fight our own war with the federal government, and from thereon the US policy in the Utah Territory was centered around crushing the theocratic elements of the government there, and assimilating the "Mormon race." Strange as it may sound, but the idea of a "Mormon race" was a real thing. Early leaders of the Church actually agreed with this! Entire sermons were given by apostles about building up a new race, and even Brigham Young mentioned it in passing a few times. Though, that's just a strange anecdote. Eventually, we would get statehood in 1896, (after stopping Plural Marriage) and become "white" again around the 1920's. Now we're seen as uber-American, super white weirdos who go door-to-door sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite this, we are still considered an ethnoreligious group due to our unique (though Americanized) culture, and the fact our religion has a built-in common history, culture, and line of descent. (When you get baptized, you're adopted into one of the Tribes of Israel, and you become an Israelite.)
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    May 12, 2003

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