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Well, since Brazil seemed to closely base the configuration, role, and shape and Tucano on the Texan, it should do the job. As they say in Texas, "don't look a gift horse (or toucan) in mouth." :p Thank-you greatly!
The moment I find a good Tucano 3d model, I will do that too. I have MB.339, Fiat G91, BAC Provost/ Strikemaster and a really sweet Tomcat in the works btw...
And rare resources for the 17th century Cretan war down the pipe.

Meanwhile, US Navy and Israeli Texan IIs:

Most importantly, the Iraqi T6C attack model. Some minor fixes here and there.

These Texans are externally quite similar to the Swiss Pilatus PC-7 and PC-9 they are derived from.

Canadian and British Texan IIs:

The Newzealender machines are vitually indistinguishable fom the British. The Ausies use the previous PC-9 model.


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Various tanks, planes and a MD 450-30L Ouragan. The tanks are a mod T-72 Hull w/turret made from T-55 and T-62 turrets spliced together. The oversized Mirage is a failed Mirage IV.


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Version 2; a heckuva lot easier since Typhoon's set matched all the poses. I couldn't find details on Namibian police equipment, so I used the Generic Carbine.
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Nice. All my attempts at the OT-64 looked like Gumby's corpse strapped to the front of a generic LAV....
Hi Tanelorn. I was wondering if you saw my request for a Skyraider in Navy Blue for carrier operations, Korean War era? The current silver scheme one is perfect in terms of appearance but I was hoping to match it up to the existing Corsair, Panther etc for carrier operations.
Erika, one last modern APC/IFV unit request for the immediate foreseeable future - a Greek Leonidas-2 and/or Turkish Ejder. Either will do, but both be stellar. The graphic is meant for one unit slot, representing endemic Greek- and Turkish-made IFV's and APC's (apologies to Tanelorn for putting both in one slot, but even 127 units eventually comes to a limit, as McMonkey noted once). Thanks in advance whenever you can get the time.
@techumseh Easy peasy paintjob. The original mod was by Typhoon, so @typhoon353 what do you think?

Too little sleep, Tanelorn, it seems. That plane you just made was requested by McMonkey. Techumseh requested the grey Hummel... :p
Duly noted and corrected

First attempt at a French Véhicule Blindé Léger:


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Thank you Tanelorn (and Typhoon for the original). Could I be cheeky and ask if it would be possible to lighten the colour slightly. It appears a fair bit darker than the other carrier based aircraft (F7F, F9F, F2H). The F4U Corsair does appear to be a little darker on the wings but I think that is to accentuate the inverted gull wing. I'm a fussy 'customer' ;)

Taking a shot at an F16 with conformal tanks (CFTs), i.e. F16C block 50/52 and F16E block 60.


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Thank-you greatly, Tanelorn!
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