Modpacks don't spawn city states


Mar 16, 2015
Been using VP modpacks a long time. If anything breaks, it seems VP has issues with events when included in modpack but this version seems to be okay on that front. However the modpacks I've been making out of the most recent version seem to be incapable of spawning city states for some reason. Any ideas of what could be going on? Tested on vanilla maps so I don't think there's any wrong with the mapscript specific functions for assigning plots. Any help (or at least confirmation of the issue) would be appreciated.

This is the process I've used for a while:
Spoiler :

Delete old modpack
Remove CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll import line from Community Patch modinfo file
Start a mod game, ignore the broken corporations popup
FireTuner, CreateMP()
Close game, go to MP_MODSPACK\Mods\Community Patch
Put the dll line back in the modinfo
Delete Core Files\CoreLua\InGame.lua

I've had no problems with modpacks on any of the recent versions, although I don't do the "Remove CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll import line from Community Patch modinfo file" step

Last week I've created one and it works as expected, these were the steps I followed:
  1. Delete old modpack
  2. Start modded game with all mods enabled + MPMPM
  3. CreateMP() from firetuner MPMPM context
  4. Delete Mods/(1) Community Patch/Core Files/CoreLua/InGame.lua in the created modpack
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