43-civ modpacks used to work, now they don't


Aug 12, 2016
In the olden days of VP, making a 43-civ modpack worked much the same as making a normal modpack. As best I recall, I last made one sometime pre-pandemic, so its been a while, but I can vouch that this did once work as expected. There are a few posts sharing modpacks made by various users here and elsewhere (see reddit or VP archive)

Recent reports by experienced modpack maker (@Agiwan) suggest it no longer works: specifically, a 43-civ modpack does not allow more than 22 players to be added to a game at the setup screen (see this post). I presume this applies to both SP and MP.

Without any direct knowledge of the .dll, I suspect that something changed when the 'Worlds' table functionality was adjusted (ie adding more religions now requires a CustomModOptions.sql entry, previously it was adjusted via worlds table). Could be wrong though, just a guess.

@devs could you please keep this issue in mind as you work on new versions? I understand the modpack maker mod is not directly supported here, and that us 43-civ'ers are a minority of VP players, but it would be nice to have the modpacks working as they once did, especially with the multiplayer fixes currently in the works. Recently @Yitz is interested in 43-civ modpack, and I am sure there are many others. For those seeking the epic/thematic quality from their civ game, 43-civ on huge map/marathon is unmatched experience.

Alternatively, maybe there's some option we've all missed that needs to be enabled for this to work? Any info available on 43-civ modpacks in VP 3.x?

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Hi @Tekamthi, to be honest I'm not very experienced, just trying to help players play multiplayer games using VP. I'm just following the instructions I've found over the years.

I hope this modack 43-civ problem is not serious and easy to overcome.
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