Mods a little overzealous with warnings/infractions...

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Dec 9, 2005
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I doubt I'm allowed to post infractions or warnings or discuss them in a thread so i will keep the details minor.

It seems some mods are a little over the top and are actually trying to find spam/insults and issue infractions or warnings where none exists.

I recently got a warning for spam when i replied in well thought out, well written comments to two different people making two different comments. These replies were one after the other but that doesn't make it spam.

My intent was not to spam and the content of my posts were not spammy so how does that qualify as spammy?

Its not just me either i have noticed mods infracting others for things were no conflict or insults exist. They were just perceived insults by the mods, not by the people involved.

Can i ask the mods to be a little cautious when giving out warnings and infractions. Sometimes its obvious at least to me that the people or person involved means no ill will and its over the top to infract because of it.
PDMA thread closed.

Pls PM the mod(s) involved, if you have issues with the warning/infraction(s) given to you, or the admins, if you need to discuss it with a higher authority. Thank you.
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