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Mountain Range Toggle ?


Feb 7, 2006
Jet City
Hello Fellow Civ 6 Fans,

I recently watched a YT video and I saw an option on the advanced screen where you could adjust toggle the mountain ranges for your map. I have never seen this before for all of the 6000 plus hours. How do you get this feature in your game set up?

Also...how do you get the golden age options all at once rather than just the cards. The screen that opens and you can choose from the 4 options. I have not been able to see that for years. I am sure this is because of a mod I am using blocking this out. I do like the option coming out of a dark age when you can select 3 out of the 4 golden age advantages to improve your empire.

Any pro or con feed back is helpful.
Thanks and Civ ON !

Brew God
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For your second question, it sounds like you’re playing with the dramatic ages game mode on. It replaces the golden age dedications with golden age policy cards like the ones you described. Normally, you get to pick 1 golden age dedication that gives a certain bonus, unless you get a golden age after a dark age, in which case you would get to pick 3 dedications. Do you always play with dramatic ages on?
The mountain range option is added by the Got Lakes map customization mod, I believe. Check that out.

For the dedications, Daniel Boone is right - you’re playing with Dramatic Ages mode which turns the dedications into policies. (I personally think this was a brilliant choice that adds an exciting element of opportunity cost to using the bonuses)
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