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GP - How to Achieve them Faster.


Feb 7, 2006
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Hello Fellow Civ Fans,

There are lots of things I should know from playing Civ for all the hours I have logged. 6K plus hours. Is there a description or section for the Great Person page which explains how to achieve them quicker. I can understand that for Science People ... the more Science Districts you have quicker you will get them and more Harbors and buildings in them the quicker you will get Admirals etc. Yet is there anyplace which tell you how to get them quicker by doing this? build this in your empire or cities and you will get this person in 5 turns or if you need 300 points to get a Great Artist how can you figure how many points you are acquiring each turn etc.

Any insight on how to get GP earned quicker would be great.

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I use a mod that does show how many turns it will take to get that great person. I have so many mods, I'm not sure which one is doing it. It might be the real great people mod I'm running, or maybe better reports mod. I'm not sure which one. It's been so long since I ran without these mods, I can barely remember how it normally is. I guess you have to calculate it the old fashioned way.

You can also slot in policy cards to speed this up, and run projects like harbor shipping to speed it up. And of course you can just outright buy them with faith or gold. And iirc a government type makes it cheaper to buy with gold, oh it's Democracy. Democracy also gives project bonuses, though I'm not sure if those apply to great people point generation. Oh and Classical Republic speeds up great people point generation 15%.
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Disclaimers: I play Civ6 at a lower difficulty level than most, but I also don't use many of the improved-UI mods that many people use.

Great Prophets are the most straightforward, in terms of GP points per turn. On the other hand, you only get one so they're not good to extrapolate from.

For Great Scientists, Great Generals, Great Admirals, and Great Merchants, one faces extra complicating factors.
Unlike (say) Civ4, where your own GP points determine when you would be awarded one, the Great People are unique individuals, members of a list, and each may be recruited only once.
  • Other players are competing for the same GP
  • These GP can also be "bought" with gold or faith
A simple, brute-force technique for measurng progress would be to check the GP screen each turn, before hitting "Next Turn", and noting the GP points that you and your nearest two competitors are generating. In other Civ games, I've been known to make notes on paper :)

Early in the game, I need to check whether or not I am earning *any* points toward a particular GP type. Running the right policy card may be the only way; that often requires switching to a government where one can place Wildcard policies.

In the mid-game (Medeival or Renaissance), I look at my supply of faith to decide whether to "purchase" a GP that I'm not leading in GP points. I rarely have enough gold to spend on GP; I seem to always have other, more pressing needs for my gold.
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