Moving the Palace


May 20, 2003
I did some experimenting with moving the palace. A person can put hammers into palaces in multiple cities. Finishing a palace neither creates fail gold nor disrupts the progress on unfinished palaces. This could be useful in space race finishes. That is, using bureaucracy on overflow. The palace only needs to be present for a turn. It also occurred to me that prior palace cities could be gifted away as the city would no longer be a capitol. An idea hit ... eg. Whip the heck out of, say, Moscow, for bureau fail gold and later gift the city to ditch excessive anger. I'm probably going to submit a game where any/all of these techniques get used. I'm just wondering how legit these would be.
Ok. Developing a new set of metrics for Peter in a small rainforest. I keep playing garbage capitols ... and wanting to shed cities with too much culture.
I'm interested to see it out.
I have a game I may be able to finish this weekend. I've already given away the capitol and have a few cities with palaces down to 1 turn, ready to Kremlin whip. %50 extra for the whip and %50 for the bureaucracy overflow.
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