MP-Modpack, German and English ( My Collection of Mods )


Dec 19, 2018
Hello Civfanatics

I´m a great Civ 5 Fan and the last couple weeks i was searching through the Net (Mainly this Page) for good Mods, i played Vox Populi some time ago and i love it, so it had to be the basic of my Mod Collection.
Even though i did a lot of reading, it still took a lot of testing, try and error,
So Yesterday night after a couple hours of Gaming i realized that i have a all the mods i need and that they Work stable without any issues so far.
So i started creating a Modpack for myself
(I´m from Germany and i wanted a German version of the Game)
to be honest creating this Modpacks, a German and a English Version was a Pain in “ The A** ” but after some Hours i think i managed it.

So if anybody is interested he can Download a Version

If you find any Problems or in compatibility just leave a Post please

To install the Modpack Extract the zip File with 7Zip or Winrar
Copy the Folder to your Civilization Installation Folder ( ASSDETS/DLC/ )
Got to your Dokuments Folder ( MyGames/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/ )
Delete the” cache “Folder and the” Config “ File
This should be it

Thanks to all Modders for sharing there Work

Here is the Modlist:

(1) Community Patch (v 89)
(2) Community Balance Overhaul (v 13)
(3) City-State Diplomacy Mod for CBP (v 27)
(4) C4DF - CBP (v 11)
(5) More Luxuries - CBO Edition (5-14b) (v 155)
(6a) Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI) (v 1)
(7) Community Events (v 4)
(7a) Civ6AdditionEureka (v 3)
(9) Wonders Expanded (v 2)
Capture+++ (v 4)
More Unique Components for VP (v 39)
List Enhancements for VP (v 4)
Meaningful Colours (v 7)
Trade Opportunities for VP (v 8)
Caravans Build Roads (v 1)
Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi (v 1)
Enlightenment Era (Vox Populi) (v 1)
Fortress Borders - Outposts (v 6)
InfoAddict (v 22)
Promotion Overhaul for VP (v 11)
Promotions - Level Promotions (v 3)
Reforestation (v 8)
TreeGrowth (VP) (v 2)
UI - Enhanced Demographics (v 6)
UI - Enhanced Rankings (v 13)
UI - Filters in Trade Route Overview (Vox Populi) (v 1)
UI - Improved City View (Vox Populi EUI) (v 11)
UI - Show XP in Military Overview (v 2)
UI - Wonder Planner (v 14)
VP Promo Icons (v 1)
Wonder Race (v 7)
Sorry i just Found out that i had to rename The Modpack to a shorter Name . i used MP_MODSPACK
Hey dude your modpack looks great but I can't access it because "the folder is in the owners bin" could you get another link for it or something?
Hallo, würde sehr gern dein ModPack ausprobieren, aber der download funktioniert so nicht. Google drive sagt, er braucht deine Genehmigung. Schöne Grüße, Piet676
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