Multiplayer connection problem


Sep 8, 2005
Two friends and I tried to play eachother over the internet. One of them and I have Civ. III gold and we've played without problems before. However, the other friend has Civ. Complete, which is supposed to have everything. However, when he selected multiplayer and play through internet, he saw people, conversations and games totally different than my other friend w/civ III gold and I saw. Are the two versions compatible? What am I doing wrong? Any help??

Thanks again!
He is probably loading conquest instead of ptw. Civ3complete by default loads conquests. He needs to go into the directory where he installed civ3complete and then into the ptw folder then load civilization3x.
should look like this: "C:\Program Files\Atari\Civilization III Complete\civ3PTW\civilization3x.exe"
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