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[Vanilla] Multiplayer Desync not gone

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Multiplayer' started by woc, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. woc

    woc Chieftain

    May 12, 2008
    We've tested this a lot and it seems a performance issue of either the GPU, CPU or both.

    playing a small map with low resources will start fine in the beginning but at some point desync every 20turns, then every 5 turns then every 2nd turn. Loading game, rebooting computer solves the issue for 10 or 15 turns and it comes back to every 2nd turn.

    Copy paste the game to a more potent computer and the desync is gone. Can play all the way through.

    Now loading a middle sized map. Desync comes much sooner in the game. copy paste to more potent computer and desync is gone until final stages of game. Here the desync now also comes on the more potent machine.

    now we copy paste the file to an even more potent computer (Yes we have 20+ computers here on our network)
    And 1 computer is always the i7-8700k the other one is always starting from an E4200 going up to faster CPU.
    And suddenly can play the game through until the end.

    Now on large or huge maps need even 2 i7-8700k but eventually the desync comes again.

    Now we switch from windowed mode to full screen mode and we can continue the game.

    Now we go to giga map (from mod) and for 400-450 turns without desync but eventually the desync comes again dispite 2 monster computers + full screen.

    Now we lower all settings to a minimum (no leader head animation etc) et voila, we can continue the game
    much further without desync up to turn 950!

    But eventually, even here the desync every x-th turn comes back.

    Since I won't mod for civ6 as I've done for civ4 and I won't hunt and debug code to find this one, I'm very amazed that the developers haven't caught the reason for the desync yet. It's obvious some performance lag causing this. Maybe even some memory out of bounds/allocation/issue triggering a desync.

    It shouldn't take a good programmer more than a few days to hunt this one. Before they expand and add expansions, fix the damn multiplayer issue! If you sell a game with multi as a specific feature, it's like telling your customer:"yeah, this car got a roof so you won't get wet in the rain and can drive in winter" and than the roof has a hole in it and you're not fixing it. That's a no go! Imagine some car company doing that and telling their customers:"we won't fix what we promised would be a working feature!"

    I'm pretty sure such a company would face bankruptcy for customers running away.

    I'm always astonished how much Gamers accept from companies as bugs and not fixing them.

    I would be ashamed such a persistent and repeatable bug for 2 years and not fixing it.
  2. woc

    woc Chieftain

    May 12, 2008
    Some more debugging and looking with the firetuner what's going on..

    We found out desync happens more often on slower CPU or analog bigger maps/more civilizations.

    here are some events we found are linked indirectly with desyncs
    - meet new city state
    - unmet player defeated
    - meet new player
    - denounced
    - warning by AI

    Also we found out diplomacy between 2 computers isn't identical one lags behind the other
    for diplomatic events.

    So my best bet it's something in the diplomacy causing desync.

    Of course since I don't have the source code I can't debug it which I would. In civ4 I found so many bugs
    that Alexis fixed after I found them as well as the msxml3.dll causing the malloc bug I found after reporting it
    to MS they finally fixed that one.

    Too bad Take2 refuses to give support. I asked them to content the dev team but they say they don't give
    support. YOu can only contact take2 and contact their employees that have no idea what you're talking about
    and than simply block your requests :(

    pretty lame, I wish good old civ4 dev team back and take the lead and get rid of this take2 BS where devs
    from other software can't contact the dev team of civ to help finding bugs.

    Also lua modding isn't real modding. Where's the dll sdk?

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