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    Sep 12, 2020
    I read somewhere that it is possible to accomplish multiple techs per turn. I guess that if ex. 2 cities do 100% beakers of a tech each, then 2 techs will be discovered. But i thought this should be accomplished through trade, caravans / freights.
  2. Prof. Garfield

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    Once you fill up the 'beaker box' with caravan deliveries, the discovery still needs to be 'triggered' by a city that is conducting research (so you have to have a city that produces at least one beaker). Any extra beakers resulting from caravan deliveries are lost. Beware that it is possible to 'overflow' the beaker box, and go from ~+32000 to ~-32000 beakers, meaning you have to do extra research to get back to zero beakers.

    If you want to get more than one tech per turn, you must be able to produce an entire technology worth of science from your city production (in addition to the one tech you can get from trade).
  3. Valka D'Ur

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    I tend to emphasize science in my games. I go for the wonders that will help me get tech faster, whether it's Marco Polo's Embassy (lets me see what techs other civs have that I don't, I contact them and ask to trade tech), Magellan's Voyage, etc. If necessary I send ambassadors and spies to steal tech. And I build libraries, universities, and labs in every city.

    Fast-forward, and it's possible to get new tech every turn, sometimes multiples if you combine that with the aforementioned trading and stealing.

    Something to be aware of if you're playing ToT: There are some techs that, depending on which civ you start with, you will not be able to research yourself. You will have to steal it from another civ, or somehow acquire it by reaching a specific point in the game. This is why you must not kill all the alien civs in the Lalande game before a certain point, or you'll never acquire the tech to reach the gas giant Nona (you need to leave at least 2 alive, which sometimes means protecting them from alien barbarians or even each other). In the Midgard game, you have to leave either the Goblins or Infidels alive so you can acquire tech that will let you build certain units. ToT uses multi-layered maps (2 in the Civ 2 Extended and 4 in the Midgard and Lalande). You have to think 3-dimensionally about how certain techs and units can be used to maximum advantage.
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    As Prof Garfield quite correctly stated, 1 tech can be earned via trades which fill the beakers + city science of @ least 1 beaker. A 2nd tech and possibly even a 3rd can be earned if the city science is able to provide sufficient beakers.

    As well, you may or may not know this, but the cities count down and apply beakers from the youngest city first. If for example you have 50 cities and the cost of your current tech is 500 beakers, if your trades get you to 499+ or even far in surplus of this, a scientist or minimal science in city 50 will be required to complete the tech. Then city 49, 48, 47, etc will contribute into the 2nd tech. With a high level of city science, you might (for example) be able to count down to the 25th city to complete this 2nd tech. Then you choose the next research project and city 24 contributes into this 3rd tech, city 23, city 22, etc...

    Again with healthy science production it is possible it will complete (for example) by the time the countdown reaches the capitol.

    With careful planning, Darwin's can turn these 3 techs into 5.

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