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My luckiest game yet!

Warlord Sam

2500 hours and counting..
Oct 27, 2001
I started near a bunch of floodplains, giving me lots of population growth. One of my cities reached size 32 before the spaceship finally launched. (I dunno if 32 is small compared to some of you other guys, but it was the biggest I've yet to see.) Secondly, I had 7 of the 8 luxuries inside my territory! Heck yeah! My third big advantage was my possession of, at the minimum, 4 each of the strategic resources. I had 5 of most resources, and 6 uranium, supposedly the rarest of them all. I loved this game, didn't want it to end :( But its the first time I had the production capability, *and* the technology, to build the spaceship before 1970s. I loved the video, and kinda think they should have a video for all victories :mad: Oh well.
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