My own civ!

Sir. Martin

King of the kings
Jul 28, 2001
Odense, Denmark.

I would like to make my own civilization ( the danes ).
How can I do this, and what program should I use to make grafiks like unique unit etc.?

:cry: Miss the vikings! :cry:

Well even doh I played CIV2 for years and civ 3 since it came, I have never used civedit... Are you able to make speciel unit etc. there to?

I believe this has already been done. Click back up to;

Civilization Fanatics' Forums > CIVILIZATION III

Then open the "Completed Modpacks" area and look for a thread called "New CIV: Denmark".

You may find something in there which you like.

Dinorius Redundicus

Thanks alot to both of you.. And WOW you are able to modify everything! Nice! :goodjob:
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