Need help on apache chopper


Dec 8, 2001
Concepcion, Chile
Get to the point right away: i have the apache chopper not as a land unit, rather as an air one so it can cross water like in real life.

is this a good idea? i dont know i let it to you to reason with me.

i need the shadow.. who can make it plz
The only problem with setting it as air unit, AI doesn't build them. :(

Of course, being air unit it can also be destroyed by any land unit with a single touch. The AI has no problem in building them if it is set as land unit though. Perhaps you can set as land unit but with treat all terrain as road flag. :)
I don't like idea of chopper which couldn't be destroyed by fighter. IMHO i you want fast all-terrain attack unit you should use attack hovercraft. I think we would be better with immobile attack chopper, which could bomb only and airdrop cruise missiles.
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