Neutrals Win WWII


Feb 2, 2009
As WWII began the Axis Allies and Russians positioned themselves to conquer Europe but little did they know that a brilliant general known only as "neutral leader had risen to power and united the Neutral countries and also had ambitions to unite Europe.

The axis power immediately attacked Amsterdam taking neutral leader’s capital - This was a major setback but NL was not one to be disheartened. A flurry of diplomacy allowed him to acquire the technology he needed and to set the Turks against the axis. He immediately set his three remaining cities to work opening up three fronts simultaneously. The Swedish front focused on taking Norway then moving to Finland and finally establishing a food hold in England with Scapa Flow. Meanwhile the Iranian tanks swept across Asia taking Iraq then Syria.
The plan was largely successful and by August 1942 Norway had been subdued and axis Finland was defenseless and the Turks who had suffered from their battles with axis and Russian troops had only two cities left.

But the main action was happening around Belgrade.
The neutrals established an outpost called Antioch and then dared the axis to take it. The axis obliged and their army’s flooded in. then the trap was sprung - the neutral citizens turned on the armies capturing their tanks and crippling the axis south eastern army. With these new troops the neutrals began a counter attack that brought their troops to the gates of Venice. And by august it too had fallen.

In phase two the neutrals finally wiped their hated enemies the Turks form the face of the map. With the axis no longer comfortable with threatening the neutral empire some neutral tanks sneaked through Germany to France to build a position in the west. Much to the neutrals surprise the French had formed an alliance network with the Germans and the allies which resulted in a series of skirmishes with both great empires, at times the neutrals seemed on the brink of defeat - but each time they grabbed one more city and forced the enemy to back down.

By Feb 1945 the neutrals had the axis on the run and had driven the French resistance back to Africa - the Spanish had also been crippled as the neutral jugernaught rolled on beyond France. Meanwhile the neutrals rained cruise missiles down on the remaining axis cities.

In the next year the neutrals consolidated their position wiping out the axis empire and leaving the remaining partisans with no support. They also took this time to drive the allies back to England and the USA. Progress was at times slow as the Neutral Leader insisted on maintaining a more or less impeccable record of keeping his word during the many ceasefires a key factor standing in the way of the long awaited confromtation between the russians and the Neutrals.

At this point the neutrals discovered that the English were building a new sort of weapon - the howitzer. The neutrals demanded and got the technology and then prepared for the final phase of the war.

The neutral armies now exploded into Russia storming through cities at a terrific pace. When the allies refused to pay tribute they also opened an eastern front with what was now a considerable army of howitzers taking England in a matter of months with only a few casualties and then sailing towards the USA which also fell easily.

In the east however Russia was far too large for an easy victory. Huge losses were sustained in the battles of Stalingrad and Magnitogorsk but the neutrals had now united all their armies against this remaining enemy and were able to continued throwing troops as well as engineers at the problem.

City after city fell to this tide of light blue. Even with reinforcements the neutral army was weakening every turn but with victory in sight this was of little concern to the single minded Neutral leader who was desperate to eliminate the Russians by 1949. He started to sell off buildings in the west for the final push and the neutral howitzers surged past the last desperate defenses of the Russians crushing their last hopes with the capture of Krasnoyarsk in the Fall of 1948.
Whoa.. its hard to imagine winning that scenario with the neturals---would take forever and some skilled play--well done. I haven't played the vanilla WW2 scenario is a long time though as there as so many other awesome ones on this site and others. Congrats though! What type of victory did it rate on the scenario scores?
I'll have to check again when I get back to my computer but i think it was "axis decisive defeat".
Axis decisive defeat - and my best seems to be 442% 3400 points 70 objectives
I can't believe you won WWII with the Neutrals! Well done, that takes some balls to do! :goodjob: It seems Sweden defeated everyone who mocked their neutral-ness.

I remember I once managed to win WWII with TURKEY! Imagine a army of turkish tanks and planes coming out of left field and defeating the oh-so-powerful 3rd Reich! :crazyeye::lol: Then I steamrolled over the Russians!
Haha the Neutrals did not need to pick a side they were more than capable of crushing everyone else all by themselves!

Good work with the Turks. Did no one invent Howitzers or rocketry for you? it is usually hard work getting across russia and the allies using a minor country without howitzers or cruise missiles.
i have only done it whit the Spanish, nothing weaker than them. tried Turks a couple of times, but i always got wiped out before I have the production capability to stand against a attack by Russia or Axis.

So well done ScottieX!!!
I was the Neutrals because i had been every one else before and felt like a challenge. I quickly allied myself with Turkey Russia and Spain (all ready being allied with the Allies) I had a cease Fire with the Axis and i knew that wouldn't last, i went to the allies and asked them for a gift, they blessed me with tanks! I quickly asked spain for a gift and they gave me large sums of money, when i asked russia they handed over combined arms (choppers) In one of my 3 cities, Amsterdam, i set to work on tanks, which i bought with the money from spain. in the city in norway, what ever the heck its called, belgrade maybe?, anyways in there i had them building choppers, well i knew it wouldn't take the Germans down but i knew i could survive with the help of my allies. I had 3 tanks 10 riflemen and 3 choppers when the axis attacked. The Turks Russians and Spaniards ran to my aid, but the Axis were all ready in a state of shock because the moment they attacked they lost 5 tanks, I pushed in and had all of finland and that little peninsula taken over, and i had munich to dresden taken, i sent the choppers into Berlin and the Germans knew they were toast... by this point i have a blitzkrieg of my own going down axis territory. I finally have EVERY Axis city other than the 1 in Africa, i let that one be left alone.I set my sights now on the French, i take all of France on my own and wait 3 turns for my tanks to heal. I invade the war torn country of Spain after canceling the alliance, then turn towards the Turks they were easy because they were all ready weak from fighting the Russians on the side, when i took them i sent a huge invasion on the Allies, i got all of the UK and then signed a peace treaty, i won the gaame ONLY as a Forkbeard! i was mad, but that went to show me that anything on Civ is possible!

I might try doing it that way - sounds like fun. Helicopters!

However at the moment i am trying to win the war of 1812 with the native americans (which may well be impossible).

I also played some way into trying to win WWII in the pacific with the french (who only started with Saigon as a city). But for some reason someone set the british (of all people) in that scenario in some sort of vengeful rage against the French.
I tried doing the trading strategy. this is how I did it.

- trade tech and demand tribute from everyone - if they go to war then try to get money for peace.
- build engineers in tehran to create a new city or two or three
- Rush build two settlers and a transport in stockholm (sacrifice units etc as required so it takes just a few turns).
- build a freight in tehran
- land one settler in england and build an airport in that city and in tehran.
- while transport freight fromiran area to england.
- land the other in the USA and also build an airport.
- build another airport in the iran area.
- transport freight to the USA
- trade and get democracy
- transport 2 at a time to these two cities getting somthing like 1000 and 500 each time. when an iranian city has built all its freight and has 3 people or more switch to settlers and WLTKD to build more cities to make more of them.

this leaves me on a good platform with a lot of money and some good cities.
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