[Vote] (7-04) Autocracy Commerce Raiders Rework

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Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Change Autocracy's "Commerce Raiders" to a slightly altered tenet called "Mare Nostrum"
+10%:c5production: to Seaports (removed)
+1 Oil and Coal for each CS alliance (unchanged)
+2:c5production::c5culture: to Atolls, Fishing Boats, and Offshore Oil Platforms
Naval Ranged units gain the Mare Nostrum Promotion:
+25% RCS when attacking cities. +5 healing in friendly territory

We already have Imperialism giving a bonus to naval melee. We don't have policies that boost naval ranged. The yields on kill bonus from the current tenet is paltry. Pure flavour.
Commerce raiding as a doctrine is not a strictly Fascist/Axis thing, and predates the 20th century ideological struggles by more than a century. It might be appropriate as an Imperialism policy name.
This policy is meant to be a reference to the War in the Atlantic in WW2, but does a poor job of portraying that, and there were two other Axis powers who were both far more concentrated on their naval power than the Germans, both of whom get far less love in the policy name department.
The current tenet gives a 10% :c5production: modifier to 1 building in a mutually exclusive set, which seems a bit crappy. Industry's Division of Labour policy already gives %:c5production: bonus to Seaports (AND Train Stations).
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Not to mention that, often times, most Seaports are built before you can take this tenet.
this is definately a much more attractive tenent, which is competing with a number of other solid tier 2 tenents for autocracy, so looks pretty good to me.
Not to mention that, often times, most Seaports are built before you can take this tenet.
Pretty sure it increase production of cities that actually have a seaport ; it does not help build them.
Right. It should be "from" rather than "to".
Shows how often I go Autocracy.
The wording that helps you build them is "+X% when building Y".
Further text consistency sweeps will be done later on.
The rationale that “Tyranny” is an old term suffers when you also propose “Mare Nostrum” :)
Promotion should read:
"+25% :c5strength: Combat Strength when attacking Cities.
+5 HP when Healing Inside Friendly Territory."
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