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New Bug?


Feb 18, 2004
Just reinstalled Win7 64-bit on a new SSD and all the programs I had, including CIV 5 and the Brave New World expansion. I have version installed. I've been having a devil of time ever since I installed this, first with getting it to even run with DX10/11. I think I have THAT problem solved, but not quite sure since it still bombs during loading. Mind you, this is a clean install with all of the latest drivers for my nVidia 680 GTX graphics card and my on-board audio chip.

Anyway, on to the bug. Instead of buttons with names or icons, I'm getting the underlying variable displayed on my screen. For example, in the Tech Tree under the Tech Sailing, there is the icon of the cargo ship. Mousing over it, instead of the word "Cargo Ship" I see "TXT_KEY_UNIT_CARGO_SHIP". Another example, on the main game screen in the upper left corner there is a legend for science, gold, trade routes, happiness, etc except trade routes is shown as "TXT_KEY_TOP_PANEL_INTERNATIONAL_TRADE_ROUTES". I can click on it and get a table with headings in the same variable name format.

Not a big deal, except when it comes to certain things like choosing a faith where all I get is the variable names for the various pantheon titles. e.g., the first choice is "TXT_KEY_BELIEF_ANCESTOR_WORSHIP_SHORT

What am I supposed to do with that?!?!

I checked the bug thread and didn't find anything related. Just wondering if I'm best off uninstalling the game and reinstalling at this point. As I said, I've had all kinds of trouble getting this clean install to work. No problems with an identical system before I replaced the SSD, so really don't know what's going on here.

I've attached a pdf of a screen shot of the opening description of Brazil as I started a new game to give you a flavor of what I'm seeing.


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