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New Format Wonder Splashes by Pounder


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Jun 14, 2003
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Download Index:
1) Epic Game splashes, post #1 (just below this preview)
2) Mesoamerican, bottom of post #1, preview
3) Middle Ages, bottom of post #1, preview preview2
4) Rise of Rome, post #29, preview preview2
5) WWII in the Pacific, post #30
6) Wide Screen Mesopotamian , post #31, preview preview2
7) Fall of Rome, post #32, preview
8) Hadrian's Wall, Bacchanalia, Apollo and Mission to Mars Standard Size Splashes, post #57, preview
9) Nazca Plains, post #62, preview and download
10) New August 13, 2005 Crystal Palace, post #63, preview and download
11) New August 13, 2005 WWII Naval Academy, post #64, preview and download

Here are screen shots of a couple of the formats used.

First the Wide Screen:

Second the Epic Game:

There is also a separate background file for those that only want the Civ list/trait window on the side, this background will display both the original splashes and these expanded splashes.

This ZIP file has 40 splashes and a background and is 2.2Meg in size

As always Back Up any files you are replacing so you have the ability to return to previous configuration.

[click here to download EPIC GAME SPLASHES version 1.2 better colours]

EDIT Aug 27, 2004: You will also have to go down to post #20 to get the internet splash missing if you loaded version 1.2

Post #13 has an alternate splash for the Sistine Chapel.

I have completed the Wonder Splashes in a new format that shows all the information that some like to see, without covering any of the picture. There are 40 splashes all updated for Conquests epic game.

I have also redone the background. The background and the splashes should be used together to avoid colour mismatch. The background also has the Civ and their traits listed.

The Splash info includes:
1) Down the right side are: the Wonder/Civ Traits that may trigger a golden age, the amount of Culture generated by the wonder and whether the wonder can become a Tourist Attraction.

2) Below the picture shows the technology that will obsolete the wonder and the benifits of the wonder.

You should place them into their appropriate folders.

Internet goes into C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\CIV3PTW\Art\Wonder Splash

Zeus, Artemis, Mausoleum and Knight Templar go into C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Art\Wonder Splash

And the rest of the files go into C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Art\Wonder Splash

Please note that Firaxis used the same splash for the Forbidden Palace and the Secret Police HQ. I have included a separate splash for Secret Police HQ (thanks to Unexisted for the picture). To enable it you will have to make the following change:

Go to the Pedialcons file below and make a copy of this file for backup:
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Text\Pedialcons

Find this entry:
art\wonder splash\forbidden city.pcx

And change it to:
art\wonder splash\SecretPoliceHQ.pcx

Scenario Splashes Downloads:

I have broken them up to meet the size requirements, so some are in two parts.

I have also attached the background file as a separate download for those that only want the background with the Civ list/traits window. It can be used with or without my splashes as it will take both sizes.

Backup originals first.

Place in the appropriate folder.

Example for mesoamerican scenario:
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Conquests\Mesoamerica\Art\Wonder Splash


  • mesoamer1.zip
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  • mesoamer2.zip
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  • wonderBackground.pcx
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  • middle ages 1.zip
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  • middle ages 2.zip
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They look good.

Do you have any plans to add the Conquests specific Wonders?
Scenario Splash Thoughts

As far as doing the splashes for the Scenario's, I noticed that the some of the Wonders have different benefits in the Scenarios.

Example: Knights Templar in the Epic game produces a Crusader every 5 turns, where as; in the Middle Ages Scenario Knights Templar also acts like Leonardo Workshop giving you upgrades at half price and produces a Crusader every 8 turns.

There are a few of these that will have to be done, even the Mayan Temples (Sun, Moon and Kukulcan) have different benefits between the Age of Discovery and Mesoamerica Scenarios.

So be aware that if you are playing a Scenario, that the info on the splash is for Epic games and may not apply to the scenario.

Until I make new splashes for the Scenarios, you may want to place a copy of the original unmodded splashes in each of the scenario wondersplash folders. There is a wonder splash folder in each scenario.

Example location: C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Conquests\Middle Ages\Art\Wonder Splash

This will allow you to use the modded splashes in the Epic game and continue to use the original splashes in the scenarios.

It looks like the game will look for the splash in the scenario wondersplash folder first, if it finds one it will use it. If it doesn't find one it will then look in the conquests wondersplash folder, then try the ptw wonderspalsh folder, then finally the CivIII wondersplash folder. I have tested this between the scenario folder and the conquest folder, as well I have tested this between the conquests folder and the CivIII folder.

So it looks like you could use several different splashes in the game if you wanted.
Sweet! I'll have to install this when I get home.

Great work on the splash screens, Pounder! :thumbsup:
Yurt said:
I love the mod, but why did you change the palettes? You can really notice that it's been reduced by looking at the sky in some of them.

I was noticing that as well on a few of them, I must have pasted a couple of my bitmaps over the wrong wonder splashes and they all have different palettes.

I still have the original bitmaps and I am going to paste them over the proper palettes. I will post when complete. Shouldn't take too long.

The internet splash is missing? Did you make one for this Wonder.

These are great.


Admiral Kirk :goodjob:
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