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New Game Mode Ideas


Jun 18, 2017
West Virginia
So since the new Zombie Defense mode just got announced, it gave me an idea for something kind of similar. Since this is a good opportunity for them to reuse the zombie asset they created for Red Death, why not reuse the aliens too?
In the new Alien Invasion mode, global civilizations will occasionally find artifacts/relics that hint at the existence of life beyond the stars (perhaps you could use them to speed up wonder construction?) and leftover bits of technology (ala goodie huts) that will grant random boosts for techs several eras ahead.
Then finally, from the Modern/Atomic Era onward, there is a chance that an alien invasion force will come and attack the planet! Bearing advanced weaponry and flying saucers, the civilizations of the world can enter a special emergency to unite against the threat and dispel the aliens either by treating with them (perhaps giving them massive sums/per turn tributes of gold or resources) or driving them off via brute force. However, they can return repeatedly with differing intentions, and may even attempt to colonize the planet (either conquering cities or establishing their own city-state-like entities). Perhaps, if you can get the aliens to cooperate peacefully, they can even advance your science victory?

Just a random fun thought I had. Feel free to give feedback, or share your own game mode ideas below.


Sep 21, 2012
Pennsylvania, USA
nazi zombie ghost pirate robot aliens

national socialist party members have come back from the dead but were killed again and now exist as floating spirits whose only means of occupation is buccaneering for their mechanical Martians overlords
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