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New Game Screen


Feb 5, 2002
When i enter the New game screen, the options differ from the ones from the manual. Like on pg 157 in the manual, the 3 bars under the images that say 80%,70%,and 60% water, on my game it says Pangaea, Continents and Archipalego. Also u notice the 3 "random" buttomn at the bottom. my game only has 1 "random" buttun which in under temperate. Also under the small map images for land mass and water coverage, my game doesnt have any captions.
you have three options: archi, conti, pangaea. each has three versions: 60, 70, 80%

also, you have three things: for climate, age and temperature (how climate and temerature aren´t strongly linked stupifies me (I do climate modelling for a living - well I will soon), but there it is.)

what the screen shows is 9 pics for the map kind and 3 times 3 for the climate and stuff. to choose, you click the pic.

there should only be 2 random buttons, so you cannot say "I want Pangaea, but with random amount of land" or "I want 70% land on whatever kind of map".
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