New Graphics Card Issue - Constant mild flicking


Sep 13, 2008
Hi all. I've recently got a new machine with powerful graphics card (at least more powerful than my old one) : GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Playing Gods and Kings at 1440 x 900 on max graphics settings and getting a strange flicker on the main game screen and loading splash screens. It is random and mainly within the top third of the monitor.

Looks like dozens of screen length thin lines bundled together in two or three bands, light grey colour, (particularly noticeable in cloud areas of the map)

I' have tried turning anti aliasing on and off to no effect. Turning v-synch off makes it worse. Drivers are all up to date. I don't know what else to do. Please help me! :(
Thanks for the swift reply.

I seem to have mainly solved this issue by using a different, higher resolution monitor. There are still some very faint lines, but only when an overlay, such as the main menu is present, can't see any abnormality in normal game view. :) If I use my old monitor again I will post a screenshot for future reference.
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