New indie game release: LakeSide


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Oct 22, 2008

This game has been in development and alpha-stage for a while, as you can see by the above video by GamerZakh, which is now 2 years old. But today it has been released, so it's worth a thread!
This game is a side scrolling city builder, which I am not sure is a usual thing. Instead of looking down on your city, and planing from the bird's eye perspective, you're looking at it from the side, and planing houses into a pixel art landscape. There seem to be multiple stages of each house, you can upgrade your buildings, and even build wonders like the pyramids or the colosseum, if you just have enoug resources!
Due to the pixel art the game runs also on rather old computers. The price is normally 14.99, but has been discounted until April 1 down to 10.49. Buy it here.
It looks like an interesting little game, I have to say :).
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