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New PC

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Technical Support' started by brewgod, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. brewgod

    brewgod Prince

    Feb 7, 2006
    Jet City
    Hello Fellow Civ 6 Fans:

    I have a tech question. My current HP Envy Laptop has a Gen 3 I7 chip and a Nvidia 640 video card with 12 gigs of ram. Seems like 4. I ordered a customized new HP Spectre laptop with a SS hard drive, 16 Gigs Ram, Gen 8 I7 chip with a Nvidia Mx 150 graphic card.

    My question is how much faster should I expect the game play to be regarding Civ 6. Also time between turns where it seems to lag so long late in the game on bigger maps.

    What would be the most ideal specks for Civ 6 regarding Chip, Graphic Card, Hard Drive (if that matters) and Ram so the game would be played at it's absolute peak in performance.

    Any input would be great.

    Brew God
  2. Doviello

    Doviello Warlord

    Aug 3, 2008
    I came here to ask the same question, so instead ill try to help you with my very low knowledge of hardware and benchmarking :)

    Ok so my only source is the Passmark cpu and videocard benchmark charts (https://www.cpubenchmark.net/). Anyway.

    Your current computer has the following benchmark scores:
    HP Envy Laptop
    Gen 3 I7 chip (8100-13000 - theres way too many models of 3th generation chips)
    Nvidia 640 video card (900-1200)
    12 gigs of ram

    Your new one:
    HP Spectre laptop
    SS hard drive, 16 Gigs Ram,
    Gen 8 I7 chip (couldn't find, too many models)
    Nvidia Mx 150 graphic card (score of 1850)

    So your CPU is an upgrade (i think, i don't really understand how chip naming conventions work), the extra RAM will surely help, but you ou got only a marginal upgrade on your videocard, not by much. For comparison, here's my 3 years old gaming laptop:

    i7-4810MQ (score of 8660)
    GTX 860M (score of 1730)
    16gb ram, SSD hard drive

    With my current computer i run civ 6 on mostly medium-low settings and i can play pretty well, but on large maps i get 15-30 seconds of loading between turns late game, which is really annoying. So i limit myself to standard sized maps (which aren't so small).

    Someone is asking to buy my laptop since it's in pretty good conditions (i take care of it), so if i do sell, the machine i have my eyes on, from a gaming computer store near my home, is:

    i7-7700hq (8900)
    geforce gtx 1070 (10900 - !!!)
    32 gb ram, SSD hard drive

    This would be a massive upgrade. However Civ is the only demanding game in my list, my entire steam library runs just fine right now, so im on the fence about this expensive upgrade. I remember that i upgraded my computer for civ 5 and it didn't help much. Being an unoptimized mess as only civ 6 can be, im afraid this new computer won't really solve my loading between turns problem.

    So i wanted to make a thread, asking anyone with a high end computer how the game runs for them. But since you didn't got any answer im just gonna rant here instead. Back to your problem: Your new laptop is kinda like mine, a little better i think, so you'll be able to play well on medium sized maps, medium settings.

    I think, lol
  3. Archon_Wing

    Archon_Wing Vote for me or die

    Apr 3, 2005
    CPUs shouldn't be a problem (any listed in this thread) though larger maps can be a problem.

    For graphics, the mx 150 should be ok. Apparently it's the laptop version of the Gt 1030, the newest "budget" card which works but would be on the "meh" end. From searching, something like 960m would be better, but you should look for a Gtx 1050 if budget allows. Obviously anything with a 1060 or 1070 would be superior by far, but costly.

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