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New Unit idea+ small preview (feedback required)

What do you think?

  • Yes! I am very interested!

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  • Not that interested, but I will download it when its complete.

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  • No, I suggest you work on something else.

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Plastic Bag

Feb 14, 2002
This is my new idea for a unit:

Spy (on foot):

2(one pistol)/8/2(because of light equipment)


Cost: 120-140

Prequesite: (still)???

Special abilities:

The purpose of this unit would be to sneak into enemy territory to bombard, pillage improvements, or just to spy on your enemy or friend. Its almost pointless for attacking and defense because those stats will be weak at the time you get it. It will be able to be seen by snipers and possibly other units (ideas?).

1) Is all of this possible?
2) Has it already been done?
3) If so, would you still be interested?
4) Do you have any good suggestions/ ideas?

Feedback is required for me to continue/trash this project.

Oh yes, thanks Kal el for the ideas. I'd rather give it submarine ability and give a sniper the ability to see submarines plus a couple of other units the ability to see it. If I gave it hidden nationality, it would go into enemy territory and die pretty much no matter what with the games current options. And I'd like to give it some attacking abilities, but I really doubt that its new stats would allow it to take over anything.

Here is a preview of a female spy (animation will be made eventually). By the way, this will take a long time because it is being made from scratch.


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Alright... Decision made. So far, it seems like you guys aren't that interested. I'm gonna work on a gungan or something. I might work on this a little bit, and I may complete it if you guys want it, but I'm gonna do something else for the time being.
As it is we only have male units (other than BlueO's amazon units ;) ) so it should be good to make this spy a female unit.

By the way, you might want to make it more female like (say giving it a skirt instead of pants) :D
Though I think its a nice idea, because espionage is used through your intelligence agency, and since mazterjo's and mork's spec ops units exist, the type of capabilities this unit would provide just arn't in desperate need. I think the gungan idea is good, but build what you want, not what everyone else does.
she looks like a hooker, I say go with the pants, I don't know any woman that would go out for some physical activity with a skirt on. Well, all but one physical activity :)...
I like the new look! :cooool:

Kinda remind me of the spy in Civ2. And to answer what Scipio said, a spy do not have to look ready for action. That will arouse alot of suspicious from the enemy don't you think? ;)

Another thought on the unit look might be giving the clothing a darker color (sort of like a leather skirt and a leather jacket). But its your creation, so you get to decide. Either way it is looking great! :D
I love it!

And about this:
Originally posted by Plastic Bag
Prequesite: ???
Either Espionage or some technology branching from it... And an intelligence agency\hedquarters (frogot what the small wonder is called)..
And it hink you should keep working on the Gungan, but also definatley on this spy...
Originally posted by Dark Sheer
I That will arouse alot of... the enemy don't you think? ;)

Yes, yes i do ;)
Oh yes Scipio, I know that the Special ops unit exists, but it doesn't serve my need for a good spy unit. It is like any other soldier (paratrooper). Not that that is bad, I mean, I just use it for something else. I thought that this would be a good, anyways, you can use this unit for whatever you want. (she has gernades and pistols).

Right now I am currently making her clothes black to make it more like a spy.
Well, I'm working on it. Here is a picture of the first three directions. I don't think that its so bad considering that I drew each direction from scratch. What do you think? Suggestions?

Oh yeah, I need some pics of Jar Jar Binks or something... I need something to start from for that gungan warrior.


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Originally posted by Plastic Bag
Well, I'm working on it. Here is a picture of the first three directions. I don't think that its so bad considering that I drew each direction from scratch. What do you think? Suggestions?

Oh yeah, I need some pics of Jar Jar Binks or something... I need something to start from for that gungan warrior.

Awww....no skirt. ;)

But seriously, the S facing one seems to have a much longer pair of legs as compared to the other 2 direction.
I like it, if it were me i'd tone down that ass some on the SW/SE directions. It seems a bit big for her figuere :) the units good work
Heh... oops, it looks so big because I forgot to erase her old guns which blend with her pants, I'll fix that. I think that I need to make the guns silver or something, so you can actually see them.
here are my thoughts (if anyone cares)

the spy should not be able to take over cities. therefore if they have an y offensive capabilities at all it should be in the form of bombard. this does not represent them throwing grenades or anything like that it just means that they won't be able to take out whole units or take over cities single handedly.

they should have the hidden nationality flag along with stealth instead of submarine. with stealth they will still be visible to enemy troops that get right up next to them and you don't have to flag any other units with the spot sub flag. This way they can sneak around without anyone knowing it unless they get close then the spy better hightail it out of there. which leads us to the treat all terrain as roads. the spy needs to be able to move freely in enemy territory and should be able to escape from capture, torture and eventual death.

The spy should be available with literature and can be upgraded to the Secret Agent. increase in A/D/M and paradrop.

the Secret agent, ala James Bond, can use the SpecOPs animation or the CTP spy animation if anyone puts it together. That is a grea timage and should be taken and turned for use in Civ3.

or the sexy girl is good too. ;)
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