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Nov 14, 2001
RUN, its a Moglin!

You say you need a Moglin for your Game but have not been able to find one... This Unit is for you.

Moglins are Fierce Alien Creatures from a Distant Planet and they are Extremely Aggressive against Humans.
Moglins use Alien Energy Bats that can Kill most life forms.

Moglin Preview Image and Moglin Large


Moglin Preview gif Animations
Animations speeds are slightly different in Game, particularly the Run.

Moglin Run Animation
Shows Better in Game Run Animation Speed

Moglin Airdrop from Spaceship

Included Files:
Civilopedia MoglinLarge.pcx, MoglinSmall.pcx, Moglin_units_32.pcx

Alternate and Extra Images:
ALT_MoglinLarge.pcx has a White Background
ALT_MoglinSmall.pcx has a Colored Background
Preview Images

Adjusted .ini file

Animations (flcs): MoglinDefault.flc, MoglinRun.flc, MoglinFortify.flc, MoglinFidget.flc, MoglinAttack.flc, MoglinDeath.flc, MoglinVictory.flc, MoglinAirdrop.flc

Sounds: MoglinRun.wav, MoglinFortify.wav, MoglinFidget.wav, MoglinAttack.wav, MoglinDeath.wav, MoglinVictory.wav, Moglin_Airdrop.wav

Remade the Default Flc to use Offsets so the Unit is seen inside the Bottom Right Game Unit Window Box with a better position.

Download the Zip File

Moglin No Civ Color

For those who prefer No Civ Color.

Same as the above Uploaded Moglin with the Civ Color on the Bat Removed from all files.

Moglin NCC Preview Image and Moglin Large


Download the Zip File Here

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He looks so cute. I mean he only smashes people with a bat, not turning them into zombies or planting eggs inside...

"Cute"... well he moves 3 tiles (All Terrain as Roads), has Blitz and Radar, Airdrops 13 tiles, uses 40 Attack / 40 Defense with 4 Hit Points and he Enslaves Putrid Zombies in my Game, so maybe not so cute in Game :lol:
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and he Enslaves Putrid Zombies in my Game, so maybe not so cute in Game :lol:

Vuldacon, I've got an idea! Make him (or her?) enslave some sort of Evil Spirit Unit. The description could be something like that "Shots from Alien Energy Bats instantly obliterate the whole Body leaving behind only the Soul that goes Insane from the Pain it received and starts attacking other Normal Life Forms".
Creative work yet again, Vuldacon! Geez, he looks like the unholy offspring of Critters and Ghoulies. You know he's mean when despite his alien resources he chooses to use a bat to beat his enemies.
You know he's mean when despite his alien resources he chooses to use a bat to beat his enemies
:lol: Exactly and thanks Anthony... I tested the Unit in Game and it is strong with the High Attack/Defense settings and 4 hit points. The AI also loves to "Airdrop" the Moglin with their Spaceship.
The Bat is not a typical human Bat... it is an Alien Energy Bat and yes, the Moglin prefers to Bludgeon enemies to death :eek:

...actually the Moglin does not appear "cute" in game. It is another Alien Critter "from a planet far far away" :)
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