[C3C] News: COTM 165 (Carthage, Regent) Results and Congratulations


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Jan 9, 2003
Here are the results of the 2023 Q4 Conquests game as Carthage at Regent level.

We had eleven victorious entries. Well done to everyone who played.

Summary of Medal Winners:

Green Bear: 400 AD Conquest Victory, 10,981 points.

cerajo: 630 AD Domination Victory, 10,502 points.

Cotta: 1110 AD Domination Victory, 9,508 points.

Fastest Finish Award Winners:

frog99: 1355 AD Spaceship Victory, 8,440 points.

Garvarg: 1852 AD Cultural 100k Victory, 6,077 points.

milr: 1802 AD Diplomatic Victory, 4,342 points.

zinad: 1798 AD Cultural 20k Victory, 4,169 points.

Other Award Winners:

Ruin: 1430 AD Domination Victory, 7,939 points.

Captain_Jack: 1973 AD Spaceship Victory, 3,602 points.

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congrats to all the winners.
and, yes, Cotta seems still to be alive! ;)
Hmm. I’ve found it now. A post in the game spoiler thread. Sorry, I don’t watch those threads as a rule. If you need me modify the end date or submit a late entry, please PM or email.
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