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No WW2 Scen in Civ3 ???


Feb 11, 2002
Hamburg, Germany
Hi guys,

my english is not very perfectly, but okay ! ( Because I am German :D )

In Civ 2 there was a World War 2 Scenario, I loved it and also I conquered the world with the russians ! But why is there no WW2 Scenario in Civ 3 ... thats boring, I looked everywhere to get one, but no success ! Can anybody help me, because it´s impossible to create a Scenario with Civ3 !!! :(
Ahhh, welcome to the world of Civ3! I managed to stay for about a week untill I uninstalled that game from my HD. My friend, you have come across what has pissed almost everyone off except the fanboys. No scenarios included, you know why, 'cause we (and for that matter Firaxis) cant make them. Not that I would even waste my time building a scen fopr this game... 973 files for one unit....hmmm, no thanks. :rolleyes:

Yeah! No scenarios at all! I'm pissed!

What were they thinking? The scenarios have been the single most popular part of Civilization! That's cruel! They probably plan on selling a modpack, enabling scenarios to be made!
By the way, Klesh? Did you finish that Stalingrad scenario? I've been away for a while... How's it going with it?
yeah civ3 not having scenarios sucks because i cant play civ2 on my computer....:( stupid windows ME.
Oh my Goodness ! Windows ME is the worst Windows i knwo ... i had installed it too, but i´ve uninstalled this "mistake" after 4 weeks ! :D :goodjob:
I have WinME, and I can play civ2, both FW, MGE, and ToT...
OR: I would prefer "Ignorance is power", since the opposite is called: "Knowledge is power" ;)
Originally posted by insurgent
By the way, Klesh? Did you finish that Stalingrad scenario? I've been away for a while... How's it going with it?

I am still working with it. I am (or rather Mercator) is doing some heavy duty Mapediting for me, as I have decided to make a few changes to the terrian to make it harder for the player. Events are progressing and everything is slowly comming together. My first scenario you know, and I want to get it right, you dig? It will come.

I'm really impressed with the amount of work you put into this scenario. I wouldn't by chance be allowed as a playtester? I've read much about the battle of Stalingrad, and I think I could help you.
Looking forward to the submission date...
Windows ME? Oh dear, that's just awful! Congratulations on uninstalling it. :goodjob:

I'm still running Win98, myself. This is good for Civ2. :)

I do have a problem running Civ3 on my system though. :cry: Though I'm thinking (perhaps) that it's because I'm the out-of-date one with 64MB of RAM. :o
I don't think gripes about Civ 3's lack of scenarios are appropriate in a Civ 2 Scenario Creation area of the forum, but they are gonna release some Civ 3 scenarios when they release the Play the World Civ 3 Expansion pack, with units from WW2 and dinosaurs or something like that.
WWII scenario fans, check out the thread "Dictator 2 is complete" in this forum. IMHO, blows away that scenario that came with Civ2 MGE.
A ww2 civ III scenario is being created, it is being made by a team of fans. Fact is a civ III scenario is going to require a team of fans, because it requires much more work, but is no more confusing, and I believe the expansion pack will make civ III scenario editing more simple. But I am watching the WWII scenario, and the Germans and Russians are coming along quite well right now, with a few Japanese and American units, even Italian, it does seem few people want to work on the English or, hee hee, the French.
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