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Aug 13, 2010
Hi to all,

I still love to play this Mod.

For all who like to play this one too:
Latest download I found is here - almost 5 years old Version 2.80: (world_war_ii_-_1939_mod_2.80.exe)

See readme for Credits.

I think it is still the best Mod even in 2024 because of:
- Bug Mod included (4.2)
- many world war 2 units (something like 312)
- special units
- air units can auto explore !!! and perform selected bomb missions (defence, units, fighter, port, production, buildings, factories)
- religion units changed to ideology units
- corporations adjusted to WW2 related
- agressive AI working well - especially USA is bothering all the time ith lots of transport or even convoys :)
- multiple city production per round possible

However I was missing some features:

So I added the patches from skyfire to fix unit transport in trucks and AA Gun - somehow.
Thanks to skyfire for doing this.

Also added/changed so far:
- new game speed snail but best is so far marathon
- game turns changed now in weeks - best speed to play is marathon
- field of view enabled im BUG Mod (to open=ctrl+alt+O)
- workers can build now Highways (faster units and more commerce in towns)
- highways increase yield invillage +1 and in town +2
- great persons now provide great person points when added to city +3
- specialists provide great person points in city +1
- adjusted great general so they will show up much more faster, like usual in battles (probably needs more adjust)
- adjusted great person requirements to show up, so it is much more then 2 in a normal game
- prepared Huge maps (210x90) and Giant maps (217x219) for Mod
- prepared the game for use with Ultra maps (up to 440x200)
- extracted art units from FPG to folder - so easier modding
- fixed scoreboard - now showing all icons

new in 2.80c:
-merged with BUG4.5 from SVN
- BUG Button in main menu
- reenabled aiautoplay(ctrl-shift-x) and changeplayer (Ctrl+Shift+P, Ctrl+Shift+L)
- added modified Europe Scenario - with some minor modifications
- prepeared empty BIG Europe with eastern USA MAP to work with MOD - Size 190x95
- prepeared empty BIG Europe with whole USA MAP to work with MOD - Size 250x100
- prepeared empty BIG World MAP to work with MOD - Size 440x200

3. Version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I named it 2.80c - just extract and copy in CIV4 BTS Mod Folder - Downloadlink here:

However - I am not a modder - I just changed some minor things.
All thanks go to the authors - see credits !!

I just started to adjust and work on it. If time permits, I like to do even more but I have to learn how :)

what I like to do - mostly some merge from 1941 Mod or others:

- add more units
- add more unit promotions
- build large Europe, World and Asian scenarios onthe new prepeared MAPs
- stretch research, so it is more time accurate to history at the end of ww2

for later - when I know how:
- upgrade worldbuilder to Platys ?
- add platysworld tracker

Merge with - which one is best:
- REVCDM 2.90 so better BAT AI, BUG 4.5, advanced diplomacy and more is included

Feel free to help :)

Have fun,

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