Nobles' Club 306: Isabella of Spain

I think there is some trick to deduce that there are no other myst civilisations in the game...
But maybe thats only possible on other difficulty levels?
When the AIs go fishing, agriculture, mining or other starting techs, they do not get the 20% bonus, so if you play on a difficulty level where the AIs lack agri/tw/hunting etc, maybe enough of them go for such techs so the global GNP is low enough?

The boudica map in the isolation workshop thread has the possibility to settle on one riverside wine and work another, so that is very likely to give you a religion.
The map I posted recently (Monty Island) give you the opportunity to settle on riverside incense and work a oasis.
But even in those circumstances, you can lose if the AIs with myst settles their second city fast and work alot of commerce tiles...

Only way to be sure I think, is to make sure no AI has myst.
For me no thank you. I don't want to risk "You have been T8 Budda'd by Justinian working 0:commerce: tiles and slider at 80%" :lol:
Spoiler :

BTW can anyone confirm the research cost is less for AI than for Human at deity level ? 100/135 ?
@Dhoomstriker maybe :)

Should be Noble difficulty # of beakers (112) - -- iResearchPercent only affects Human players.

I'd say it's pretty close -12x9 =108. It's T9 that Justinian gets it. If he's short a few beakers you win it on T10.
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