Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Change


Oct 2, 2009
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Hi everyone.

Is there a way to change the way the NNPT works?

What I plan on changing is how the NNPT affects nuclear development. Currently, the in-game version doesn't act like its realistic counter-part.

The real one says that nations that don't already have nuclear weapons aren't to build or accept any.

This means that any nation that already possesses nuclear weapons can still build an arsenal. Although they are asked by the UN to disarm them, they don't actually have to do it.

So, what I want it to do in-game is allow me (a nuclear power) to continue building nuclear weapons, but prevent all others who don't possess nuclear weapons from being able to build them.

Is that possible?
Is that possible?
Virtually anything is possible. It may be more or less difficult to implement, thats all. If you know any programming that helps, because I believe that you need to rewrite the treaty code for this.
You will have to edit it in the dll.
The Civ4VoteInfo only effects what kind of votes there are. But it does not define the finer details.
You will have to edit it in the dll.
And this means that you need to do some pretty qualified C++ programming and also manage to compile a DLL file that is compatible with CivIV. I wouldn't even know where to get started on any of this myself... :p

I'm thinking that you need help with this, since you don't seem to know any actual programming.
:think: Having worked on the Nuclear Weapons issue in my mod I can say its not easy. I would start with looking at how Nuclear weapons are enabled. The Manhattan Project enables weapons for all players, so then the vote would have to disable the ability for all teams that don't already have a Nuclear Missile and that I think, would not be easy (though I am not a skilled programmer).
Hmm. Well, from what I've seen, it's going to be very difficult for me to do this, so I am going to put up a request for someone else to do this.

I would learn, but I haven't got the time. Thanks anyway.
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