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May 15, 2022 at 2:00 PM
Sep 11, 2008
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May 15, 2022 at 2:00 PM
    1. Tahuti
      I notice that a lot of Armenians are Italophiles. Does it have to do with the House of Savoy claiming the title King of Armenia? Do you think Armenia would place a Savoy if it were to become a constitutional monarchy - this possibility was mooted in nearby Georgia.
    2. Leoreth
      Hey, do you still happen to have the save you originally attached to this post? I know it's quite some time ago but I finally want to revisit the resource trade AI, so if you could share it again that would be much appreciated.
    3. Domen
      Do you live in Armenia, or are you of Armenian descent?
    4. Pavel Chichikov
      Pavel Chichikov
      Ես համաձայն եմ ձեզ հետ, լիորէտհ
    5. NovaKart
      Hi, I was thinking of visiting Armenia some time this year. It's just a barely thought out plan now. I was thinking of going to Turkey first overland from Iraq (where I'm living now). Then making a few stops in Eastern Turkey to places I haven't visited yet. After that, going up north to Southwest Georgia and then going to Armenia. It's supposed to be about 7 hours from Akhaltsikhe in Georgia to Yerevan. It's closer to just visit Gyumri but I don't know if Gyumri is all that interesting and if I'm that close might as well go all the way. However, that's a lot of overland travel to go all the way up to Georgia and Armenia and I might not have the funds either. What do you think? Any advice? How costly is it to travel in Armenia, hotels and such. I'm an American citizen BTW, not sure if visas are needed in advance but that's easy enough to look up.
    6. adhiraj.bose
    7. ReallyEvilMuff
      See the leave forum for the full download dude, pm me if you have issues installing
    8. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac

      That should be your new tag line.
    9. Monster2821
      Sent you a PM about the dominearthion game.
    10. Pavel Chichikov
      Pavel Chichikov
      were you in February of this year? we are no more than a Muslim country now...
    11. Stoepsel
      Hi Tigranes,
      thanx a lot for your participation in the Colonization GotM! I got you files. :)
    12. Pavel Chichikov
      Pavel Chichikov
      You really must do the writeup for that Earth 2010 PBEM. Definitely do this again sometime, I'd love to play Israel or Iran as an independent Civ up against the world powerblocks... Did you ever play C&C: Generals? You had to play with Mods for online though because of many fatal design flaws.
    13. kiwitt
      Maybe you can create a cutdown version of the GEM map I am working on now ...
    14. kiwitt
      How are you getting on with the new Map! I have nearly finished the city Populations of my GEM map.
    15. Pavel Chichikov
      Pavel Chichikov
      Սօրդ օվ Իսլամ

      What you think of adding Hayer voices to SoI?
      I don't usually play with sound on, but it annoys me a little they & the Kartvelebi speak ancient what I assume is old Farsi.
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