Nov 25, 2001
I've read many threads on OCC, and took a crack at it last night. Unfortunately, I was limited to 2 national wonders, not the 5 that I read was allowed in OCC. Yes, I did click the "OCC" option in the settings at the start, and no -- never allowed to build a settler or keep a rival city, so I know there's no user error involved.

Anyone tell me why I could only build 2 National Wonders? Is there a trick to it, or has that changed in BTS back to 2?

Also, whats the best civics for OCC? Bureaucracy seems good, I've heard Pacifism -- though I didn't care for it... anything else worth seeking out?
BtS is at 2 National per city....not sure about OOC, though. What is it?
OCC is the One City Challenge, where you can only have 1 city ever.. essentially your capital. It has been said that the limit was raised to 5 nationals in that city, since you only get 1 city for the entire game. Last night, I was denied building my 3rd national, and that thru off my gameplan.
I had read that the limit was five for OCC games, as well. I just started an OCC game last night and haven't made it far enough to build any national wonders yet. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get some kind of answer.
With OCC, you are, in fact, limited to 5 National Wonders. The confusion comes from the fact that the "too many National Wonders" message still uses the default one that says you are limited to 2.

Well, the game limit (Classic, not OOC) is 2 per city, so I think you need to find the OOC mod...>>
With OCC, you are, in fact, limited to 5 National Wonders. The confusion comes from the fact that the "too many National Wonders" message still uses the default one that says you are limited to 2.


I've noticed this in many places, but disregarded it. I wonder if maybe I was just missing a prerequisite to building that National Wonder... though I am so far ahead, I've basically built everything. Hmm...
National Epic and the National Forest... I believe I had the Globe Theatre and can't recall the other.

The Epic requires an advanced unit, but the forest has no requirements, IIRC?
National Epic requires Literature and a Library.

National Park requires Biology.

Other than those, I can't really think of other requirements.
I definately have lit and library, cause I made the great library...

I just got biology, and thats when I logged for the night, frustrated I couldn't make the Park that I'd been saving my forests all game for...

Not sure what's going on?
In previous versions, i belive, choosing to check the OCC-box meant that you could build all the nat.wonders in your only city. In BTS however they may been wanting to change this to a set number (five?)... i don't know, never heard anything about it. It seems to me however that all are avalible if you build them before you hit preind.-techs like constitution and such. I've had games where i waited a little too long with building Heroic Epic and Hermitage only to see them going from availible to "red".

I think this is acctually an error/a bug of sorts where your "OCC-Status" seizes to apply at a certain time/turn... meaning thata late nat.wonders like ironworks etc. will never again be availible to OCC-players.

Does anyone have any realer info regarding this issue? I'd really like to know... cany bring myself to finish a game where the worldbuilders been used.
I'd at least like to know what the (new?) rules are, so that i can make more informed strategic decisions in game.
i just like the way before BTS with unlimited national wonders. If I want to play competitively, I would play non-OCC. But OCC is suppose to be fun, and it doesnt make you much powerful after you build 5 NW.
Yeah, can you post a save? I've played OCC with BTS, I know I could build 5 NWs.

I hope this is a bug. I have been limited to 4 nat wonders in all my occ games. Prior to BtS, there wasn't a nat wonder limit in OCC. Hope they address this. I decided to just worldbuilder them into my cap.
No, it's not a bug. The 5 per city limit was intentional (and in the documentation). You can, however, modify GlobalDefines.xml to change it to whatever you want.

Seems to me I'm definately limited to 2 National Wonders. Very annoying considering how they're (relatively) more effective in OCC (as the bonus applies to your whole nation as it were).
Edit that file, search for "MAX_NATIONAL_WONDERS_PER_CITY_FOR_OCC", and change the "5" to whatever number you'd like.

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