Oddities after modding


Jun 7, 2021
So I've been playing CIV 5 heavily modded for about 2 years now, and have all dlcs for it on steam, mostly just a few extra CIVs and a few Maps, with one or 2 added gameplay mods like extra unit promotion options. Last night decided to down load a new batch of civs, a few of which mentioned vox populi which sounded interesting so went a head and grabbed the auto installer to add it on, plus the other civs and few gameplay mods that said they needed vox populi to work like advanced naval warfare. After getting the mods activated to the point it let me set up a map and get to playing, I set up my normal testing match, Base japan on a large pangea, epic pace, prince level. First thing I noticed was the unit ui was mising, so had to use hot keys to give any commands. Thought odd and kinda frustrating but I can kinda live that. Played until turn 5 when I got a dump of info saying 7 Unknow Civs entered the information age. Thought it might have just been an glitch with the announcements so played a bit more. Next turn it said 7 civs adopted ideologies and a civ had built a world wonder. Next turn I met a city state and it had skyscrapers and stuff. Stopped there and have spent most of my morning fiddling with mods to try and get it back into working order and nothing seems to be working. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated. Can list all the mods I have, the ones I'm currently running, and/or the ones I'd like/need to be running. Thank you.
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