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    I´ve added some of platypings python wonders to K-Mod. One of this is the Grand Canal. Now in a Pitboss Game we had some OOS (almost every round). The gamestats of all the players are the same but the ones of the pitboss-server are different.

    I have tested all my python changes in deactivating all and activating one by one. As a result the following code in the GameUtils.py are the reason for the OOS:

    	def cannotConstruct(self,argsList):
    		pCity = argsList[0]
    		eBuilding = argsList[1]
    		bContinue = argsList[2]
    		bTestVisible = argsList[3]
    		bIgnoreCost = argsList[4]
    		iPlayer = pCity.getOwner()
    		pPlayer = gc.getPlayer(iPlayer)
    		pTeam = gc.getTeam(pPlayer.getTeam())
    ## Grand Canal Start ##
    [COLOR="Red"]		if eBuilding == gc.getInfoTypeForString("BUILDING_GRAND_CANAL"):
    			if CyMap().getLandPlots() * 100 /CyMap().numPlots() > 75:
    				return True
    			if pCity.isCoastal(10):
    				return True
    			if pCity.plot().isRiver():
    				return True[/COLOR]
    ## Platyping Wonders End ##
    		return False
    Has anyone an idea why the code results in an OOS?

    Thank you for your help.

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