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Options reset after save / Culture bug


Jun 21, 2021
Hello all,

in my recent game I have encountered two bugs that do seem report-worthy.

1. I (Maya) conquered a few german cities, among those the Capital Berlin with like 8 Pop or so. However, in those cities only the north american culture building is built. Not the european at all. Is this a building I have to build later? Iirc it should be built automatically? I have 3 german cities on a large map. If I am missing the point here, please do tell me. :)

2. I started the game with the setting "Minimum city border" enabled, so all 8 tiles around a city are always mine. I played a while and saved the game. However, now, when I load that save and try to play again after passing one turn every border city next to higher culture loses its fields and doesn't seem to have the minimum city borders anymore. I feel like the option was switched off? Which makes me suspicious which other options might have accidentally switched off.

Your help/comments are much appreciated. Happy new year.
1. Ah alright. That would explain it as I am not using the SVN, but 41.2.

2. Will try to find time to do it. I am 100% certain I had it enabled initially, because i built a few cities on purpose at the border to snatch a few resources from the AI. Having those cities struggle this much now that they lost some of their best yiels sucks :(
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