Overlays are invisible.


Dec 17, 2001
Been playing the game for a while and decided to try my hand at the editor. All my overlays, however (aside from the river), are invisible when I lay them. If I right-click on a square where I (supposedly) laid a road, the editor acknowledges that it is there, but it doesn't show up. Is there an explanation for this?
Here's some small pieces of info; I hope they help. If you place a 1-square river, it is invisible in the game (this may be the same with roads). However, if you make at least two river squares connected, you can see them both in the game without any problems.

Another small overlay tip: the editor also has problems deleting roads and rivers. Even if you place only one square of an overlay, you sometimes have to delete 3 squares of it to get rid of it, causing a lot of frantic clicking. Make sure you delete it completely, or it may appear in the game.
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