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The American campaign was largely bungled, so after this learning experience I will be working on rebuilding the 大日本帝國. Tenno heika, banzai!
I might have a go at the USSR soon too - See if I can spead the red menace, or survive the attacks of the Axis!
Quick breakdown of the war and the Japanese Empire:

China was finally eliminated in December ‘43 after many heavy artillery units were shipped from the home islands to the southern coast of China, up the railways, and on to the last KMT holdout of Kunming.

There is no war in the Pacific.

The Germans and Russians have been at a stalemate since a few months after the launching of Barbarossa in late 1941. The front line runs approximately from Riga, Latvia, to Sevastopol, Ukraine. Smolensk and Maykop have traded hands several times with no clear advantage to either side.

Before Barbarossa, Germany launched an attack on American shipping in the Atlantic. America has responded taking only Morocco and a few off-and-on naval bombardments.

Japan is going through a rigid industrialization program, converting Chinese grain farms and Indochinese mineral fields into heavy industry. The government in Tokyo has changed from its imperialist structure to one of fanatical militarism.

Unfortunately, the Americans, British, and Russians are all locked in an unbreakable alliance and an attack on one is an attack on all. For Japan to expand, it must be willing to fight on three fronts, and for this to be possible, it may be necessary to establish forward commands in the Indian and Pacific oceans, ready to pounce if the Allies attempt to undermine the co-prosperity sphere.

In the Year of Showa 17, July the 20th, forces from Bolshevik Russia began assembling offensive forces on the frontier of State of Manchuria.

The Red Barbarians have made slight inroads into the Co-Prosperity Sphere, including incursions into the Protectorate of East Turkestan.

A state of war is now declared against the Soviet Union. They have awakened an enemy of might and ferocity the Rus cannot imagine.

There will be no offer of peace terms. The Empire of Japan will accept nothing less than the complete eradication of the Red Menace.

To the Siberian, Turkic, Buryat, and Mongol peoples, you will be permanently joined to the 500,000,000 Asians of the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere under the Divine guidance of the Emperor.

Furthermore, I have given the order to suspend all civilian construction and move the economy to a total war footing.

Stalin, Beria, Kaganovich, Molotov: you have all signed your own death warrants.

Long Live the Emperor!
"Hey! It was just a prank, comrade!"

Give them hell, @amadeus !
Give them hell, @amadeus !
As of May 1945, they have lost almost all of their territory up to and including Irkutsk. An expedition is on its way up to Yakutsk.

Strategy: mobile rocket trucks bombard the cities to destroy its air defense units that would be too costly for the heavy bombers. The heavy bombers then take out Russian forces on the ground outside the cities. Finally, a massive swarm of jet fighters surround the empty city (to prevent partisans from forming) and IJA paratroops sweep in to take control.

At this point, Japanese industry outproduces the Soviets 5:2. More units are being built and moved towards East Turkestan to swing south around Central Asia.

On the German front, they have managed to hold with a couple of lost cities. It is more likely I will be in Stalingrad before the Germans.

Edit: the Russians are continuing to be pushed further and further west, losing Novosibirsk, Omsk, and other Siberian cities.

November 1945 sees the Urals penetrated by Japanese forces with the capture of Chelyabinsk. This compels Stalin to launch a desperate attempt to arm Chinese communist partisans, most of whom are strafed in the wastes of the Turkestan desert by Japanese jet pilots. Mao Tse-tung is killed, again, by a rocket barrage outside the city of Kashgar.

The Germans meanwhile have lost part of Denmark, Odessa, and are barely holding on to Minsk. America has moved at a snail’s pace to capture Algiers.

The British have made some aggressive gestures towards Siam, parking their commandos on valuable Japanese industry. The Japanese in turn have begun supplying rebels with advanced rocket systems to dislodge them from the territory.

The industrialization program is intensifying, making it possible now for Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Peking, and Hue to produce an engineering brigade per month. Most cities of the Japanese home islands including Formosa and Korea can produce a heavy bomber division in the same time as can some select Chinese cities. Russian industry is being retooled to build new rocket artillery.

The Soviet Union is projected to be erased by 1947.
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More news: Japanese forces took STALINGRAD in August 1946. MOSCOW is next, along with the Caucasus oil reserves (though Japanese home drilling operations mean we richly endowed with black gold.)

Axis forces have now linked up by land after the seizure of Rostov in September.

Japanese:Soviet production now stands at a 4:1 ratio.
Amazing! Hopefully Moscow can fall without any ghostly legions from the past this time!

Once the dust settles and the world recognises Nihon as supreme - Let me know if anything jumped out in the gameplay you think might need adjusted.

I am getting close to declaring Overlords more or less complete, and ready to move onto the new project. :)
Amazing! Hopefully Moscow can fall without any ghostly legions from the past this time!
We did!

November 1946: MOSCOW is taken by Imperial Army Air Forces. Stalin flees to Leningrad.

December: the Japanese Siege of Leningrad begins by air. Japanese industrial production exceeds 10,000 shields per month.

January 1947: after developments in America, captured Russian spies “share” the design schematics of the atom bomb with Japanese scientists. Hitler, in a fit of rage, declares war against the Eurasian Co-Prosperity Sphere which is now integrating Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Tatars, and others.

In the same month, British Prime Minister Churchill suffers a nervous breakdown after the Germans retake cities on the French coast and unilaterally orders a surprise attack on Japan’s small Indian ocean base. America does not get involved.

February 1947: LENINGRAD and HONG KONG come under Imperial control. And the month isn’t even over!
Not an update on progress but on the scenario:

In the canBuildSettings.lua I added:

local abombAltCondition = {allWonders=object.wImperialAcademy,allImprovements=object.iAirbase,allImprovements=object.iFactory,allImprovements=object.iOfficerAcademy, overrideDefaultBuildFunction=true}

and altered:

unitTypeBuild[object.uAtomBomb.id] = {allImprovements={object.iAirbase,object.iFactory,object.iResearchFacility},alternateParameters={abombAltCondition}}

I would have to defer to our lua experts, but this seems to work in letting the owner of the Imperial Academy in Tokyo to build atom bombs if they have a factory, airbase, and officer academy. I tried nesting the allImprovements things in {} but kept getting errors, so someone more ... good ... lua guy ... will have to explain why I'm a dumdum. @CurtSibling otherwise the owner of Tokyo can only build atom bombs if they already have a research facility in a city, which Japan can't build owing to the fact it has the Imperial academy from the start. :)

edit: and I realize something about it doesn't work. :lol: I can't win
edit: and I realize something about it doesn't work. :lol: I can't win
You probably want this
local abombAltCondition = {allWonders=object.wImperialAcademy,allImprovements={object.iAirbase, object.iFactory,object.iOfficerAcademy}}
Keys in Lua tables can only be used once, so only one of the allImprovements was being accepted (I think the last one, but I'm not positive how it works within a table constructor). To have several, they need their own table.

Also, overrideDefaultBuildFunction is used to ignore the "standard civ II" requirements for building things, like having the correct technology, or being on the sea to build ships. I doubt you want that.
Update: I am going to make the final changes (for now) and release version three this weekend.
Major thanks to @amadeus for his awesome and entertaining playtests - I hope you had fun!
I'll call this one complete, until it needs another update... :)

I think you may like the modern-era "sequel" I am planning for the next months, a remake of an old mod, Vendetta.
Set in 1980, with the same map (with a few nuclear rad zones!), and a global battle with jets andsuper-soldiers.

Looking forward to working on that one, and American Kingdoms II. Stay tuned.
@CurtSibling I was more than happy to oblige, surprised to see a “thanks” credit!

I had lots of fun with Vendetta back in the day, as well as Soviet Steel! The creators of TOTPP and its lua wizards have spoiled us all though, giving us the building blocks for all these really wonderful additions that I don’t think we would have thought possible almost twenty [:wow:] years ago.
@CurtSibling I was more than happy to oblige, surprised to see a “thanks” credit!

I had lots of fun with Vendetta back in the day, as well as Soviet Steel! The creators of TOTPP and its lua wizards have spoiled us all though, giving us the building blocks for all these really wonderful additions that I don’t think we would have thought possible almost twenty [:wow:] years ago.
Totally agree, ToTPP/Lua is going make AK2 much more streamlined for unlocking units and special troops tied to certain map areas...Something that was hard to pull off with old ToT!
Playing with the V3 update,

Just met a "british force retreating in port saïd" once Cairo was taken.
Sad thing is, considering road locations, I took Port Saïd (and they retreated to Jerusalem) before Cairo. :)
A few other things: I’m the Germans. Not much of a storytelling mood this time, but I went for Britain first, then the USSR (1942-1945) and British India, and now it is late ‘46 and I’m invading North America and Japan just developed its first atomic bomb. Of course the Americans developed partisan warfare as soon as I start landing…

• The 1,000 bomber raid still spawns units in Britain years after occupation. As do random British landings in Denmark, Norway, and Libya. I think it was discussed before but if possible I’d like to see them require the British still hold some land on the islands.

• No events fired taking New York, Boston, Washington, Detroit, or Chicago. I know there were events in the previous versions so I don’t know what’s not causing them to trigger. :)

From the game, not a suggestion, I put up garrisons all along the coast of France to stop the American landings. Aside from the naval spawns, the Westwall helped!

For the rest of the campaign, pumping out the Panther IIs! After the American and Japanese campaigns are finished, I might try and go for total world conquest. Can I do it by 1950? … probably not.
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