PAE VI Patch 6.5 and higher (latest 07. Feb. 2024)


PAE-Let's play Ancient
May 29, 2009
Patch 6.x is now available for PAE VI. The main screen looks smoother now due to 25% smaller units and improvements. Cities and buildings stays the same. brettschmitt offers his XXL and XXXL maps for a playing experience of up to 52 civilizations! I adapted the CIV III (Conquests) Rise of Rome scenario to PAE on the Eurasia XL map.

Latest recommended version:

Older version:

Patch 6.5.1 (11.11.2020):

- Fix: Nationality Warning in city bar
- WorldSize: more CIVs on random standard (16), large (20) and huge (24) maps
- Grasshopper disappear faster
- Assur: no Quradu-upgrade when units are officers
- Python-fix: error when vassal gets a city from player
- Map: PAE_Creation: no peak borders on coasts
- Unit: horse DefaultAIType: UNITAI_ENGINEER instead UNITAI_ANIMAL
- Fix: Panhellenion wrong movie & sound
- Reduced provincial govenor tributes
- Fix: no ranking and elite upgrade button for special elite units (eg Sons of Mars)
- Fix: Supply wagon: non-friendly, non-allied CIVs refilled supply wagon
- Fix: Supply wagon: farm and river +20 supply
- Fix: AIweight for Trojan Horse
- Fix: Hunter can now build Promo V buildings
- Bugfix: Christianity 0 AD to Barbarians (disables BTS tech choosing with Theology)
- Fix: no popup when civil war ends (ingame text is sufficient)
- Scenario: PeloponnesianWar: small fixes
- Fix: Olympic period adapted to the scenario calendar
- Trait: Imperialist: improved
- Change: Archer units 50% city defense instead 100%
- Small changes in civic options
- Tech tree changes (600-300 BC)
- New tech: Republic (for Romans)
- War dogs +50% against skirmishers
- Maps: less fish resources
- Heavy battering ram now later with Tech Weapons manufactories
- Supply waggon provides 25-75 instead of 25-100 food (game speed)
- Civic polyarchy: no civil war due to the loss of a general
- Fix: no shield wall formation for Teutons and Thracian Warrior
- Pedia: Improvement Trading Post now shows merchant or caravan for requirement
- Fix: end city riot with General in onCityDoTurn instead with onUnitMove
- Trading post 10% defense
- own unit class for early trade unit (keftion)
- Bugfix: Apothecary button twice
- Fix: Illyrian city txt_keys on Eastern Med map fixed
- Fix: only pasture or camp will be removed when collecting bonus resource for distribution
- Update: creating autom. trade routes: shows amount of bonus resources the player or CIV has
- Update: missionaries and cultists: circles of missing religion or cult also shown above vassal cities
- Fix: comissioned mercenaries: gold cart immobile too
- Update: gold carts can now be sold in foreign cities (for less gold than in capital)
- Bugfix: Provincial palace: amount of happy bonus stays the same when establishing a new governor
- Onager skin -> CIV catapult skin
- cheap Onager for Greek CIVs too
- Update: Roman roads are like trade roads (trading center calculation)
- Change: fire catapult is now an upgrade from a catapult/onager (with accuracy III)
- Change: unit supply limit changed with handicap (10,15,20)
- Fix: no negative culture due to civil war
- Wonder update: Great Pantheon of Rome: No Roman gods req, no civil war in cities due to missing state religion
- New CIV for scenario modders: city-state

Patch 6.5.2 (28.11.2020):

- smaller units and periphery
- Olympic winner gets one more gold cart and there is a chance of getting a supply wagon with grain, olives, grapes or even horses
- external trade posts: no costs
- bug fix: civil war feature
- bug fix: unit stacks

Patch 6.6 (06.01.2021):

- less gold cart trade bonus in foreign cities
- slower combat promotions for units
- for Scenario makers: CIVIC_SACRAL -> CIVIC_ROYAL
- for Scenario makers: CIVIC_DYNASTIE -> CIVIC_TYRANNIS
- New scenario: Sicily 500 BC by Barcas
- New UU Hitti: Chariot runner
- WorldPicker Picture for Second Punic War and Sicily 500 BC
- No forests on farms
- New unit upgrade structure for Roman swordsmen: Principes -> Pilumni -> Legionary
- changed x/y coords of silk road caravans (cause of very high bonus on big maps)
- new scenario: CIV III Rise of Rome (adapted to PAE)
- bugfix: civil war feature: didn't end with leader or rhetoric unit
- buildings pedia: added required buildings (buttons) into requirement panel
- territorial unit Son of Mars strength 12 to 10
- graphical unit amount from 1,2,3 -> 5,6,7,8 (due to smaller units)
- new unit: lioness (small group of female lions)
- unit lions stronger (due to male lions)
- new wonder: Great Serapeion of Alexandria (no unhappiness in city)
- fix: AI mobilise army only in nearby forts when a city gets attacked (except capital)
- Latifundium feature historical upgrade: level upgrade by slaves, without slaves their levels get reduced by time
- new scenarios: Eurasia XXL (empty or 35 CIVs), Eurasia XXXL (empty, random resources or 52 CIVs) by brettschmitt

Patch 6.7 (10.01.2021):

- Unit updates in iMeleeWaveSize, iRangedWaveSize, bQuickCombat
- Combat strength of neolithic era units +1 (hunter, warrior)
- Fix: culture level for XXXL game speed
- AI city lost: lower chance for offering to become a vassal
- Greek religious cities take part at the Panhellenic Games after the research of Exhibition Fight
- Fix: missing help text for tech Imperialism
- Bear unit: added child bear
- Fix: fortress units
- Fix: emigrant culture

Patch 6.8 (02.02.2021):

- movement over ice feature allowed
- fix: Thracian peltast moves: 2 instead 3
- Teutons strength: 12 instead 14
- promo mobility for mounted units: req: combat 2 instead of flanking and healing
- bugfix: Persian officer units (Crash2Desktop)
- fix: arts for chariot (light chariots, maryannu)
- AI update: chance of automatical religion spread on islands
- Manufactory (terra cotta): -1 health, +20% food kept instead +% food (=> bread manufactory)
- Bank: -1 :)
- fix: art for gardens smaller, art for Hanging Gardens bigger
- hunter unit: strength 3 again (instead of 4) but +100% to melee (animals)
- less profit with gold carts via foreign city trade then capital trade
- territorial units: cheaper in standard prod but higher instance cost modifier
- fix: siege units can't get enslaved, siege units can't run over from stacks
- spear manufactury doubles skirmish units, scorpio and ballista too (UNITCOMBAT_SKIRMISHER)
- military academy: +100% prod in military units instead of 50%
- heroic epic: adds morale promotion to units produced in city
- Hittites can research Cuneiform -> can now construct archives in cities
- Upgrade: auto trade route pop up: added smiley if a CIV has bonus resource or not; added distance info
- Wonder Zeus: not holy shrine anymore, +1 XP to all cities, can increase the morale of units (like Hagia Sophia)
- Wonder Parthenon now Holy Shrine of Greek Religion
- No emigrants for city states
- new promotions: Formations I, II, III (against mounted, chariots and elephants)
- changed promotions against chariot, mounted units and elephants (fight only)
- new promotion: Encircle (for leaders): +25% combat, -25% city attack
- changed overrun promotions
- new building: weapon manufactory for siege units
- Hittites: new special building: Underground city
- Hittites: new national building: Code of the Nesilim
- new national building in Bronze Age: Craft center
- new leader action: burn down the forest (destroys the improvment and leaves burning forests)
- new feature: burning pigs and fire catapults can burn down the enemy forest during combat
- new Iberian unit: Scutati replaces shield bearer
- new Carthaginian unit: libyan spearman replaces spearman
- modern combattypes (helicopter, gun, tank) removed (AdvisorUtils adapted)

Patch 6.9 (28.02.2021):

- fix: national trading via carts reactivated (PAE_Trade, ScreensInterface)
- scouts and explorer can now build look-out
- bugfix: emigrant culture (when joining cities)
- improvements: village: -1 food, town: +1 prod
- small changes in formation promotions (form I and buttons)
- new buttons and names for sentry promotions
- horse stables +1 food
- rams and catapults cheaper again
- camel bonus resource more brown
- pedia fix by Dertuek (Greek and Roman tech)
- interface fixes by Dertuek
- trade route popup fixes by Dertuek
- city conscript value 90 instead of 50 (hammers)
- no state-religion revolt in cities when founding a new religion (by Dertuek)
- AI: no food cost when AI builds unit
- iCorporationMaintenancePercent: higher on bigger maps
- civics: hurrying population removed
- tech button: Gnosis
- Illyrians: Mountain Warrior ST 9, no limits (SPECIAL_UNIT4)
- Numidian horseman cheaper
- AI added chance of offering to become a vassal, when loser power * 2 < winner power
- new leader formation: +1 sight, 100% flight, -99% strength to prevent constant defense in a stack
- fix button: slaves to bread manufactory (max 3) (thx westinator)
- fix button: slaves to manufactory (max 5) (thx westinator)
- vassal popup: attitude icon, when vassal demands a tech
- city unit train buttons: blue pulse button on units that get trained twice due to weapons manufactories
- new hoplite unit for Sparta: Perioecian Hoplite
- new special unit for Greeks and Sparta: Kalos Kagathos: a unit between hoplite and lochias
- fix: reloading supply unit on enemy plots (thx Dertuek)
- healer bar still visible when carrying a monument
- fix: storm on dark ice feature

Patch 6.10 (08.10.2021):

- fix: special4 units 5% more prod cost per unit
- fix: hethit chariot runner special4 unit
- mutiny event adapted for trireme, quadrireme, quinquereme and liburne
- unit scale bigger again (info in PAE/Extras for individual change)
- FEATURE_ICE impassable again (-> SDK: passable for land units)
- Animals weaker by 1
- new unit: small wolf pack (ST 3)
- Barbarians and minor CIVs disabled Tech Monotheism (Judaism)
- Changed game start (neolithic era): lower building+unit costs, lower improvement build time, higher tech costs, lower game speed
- update in path finding for trade routes: cities between source and destination gets new path target
- elite Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian unit (Quradu, Gardu; strength 10) available with TECH civis soldiers (was available from begin on)
- event EVENT_PRAIRIE_DOGS_1: +2 commerce again
- City States update: a TECH that disables settlers. City state CIVs can now build their special units.
- Emigrants can only join a city (they can't found a new one)
- scripting at start for Eurasia XXXL 52 Civs (research boost, tech and unit boost for some civs)
- no unit supply for AI
- Hanging Gardens needs irrigation canals instead of aqueduct
- melee Foederati available in provincial cities (instead of provincial capitals)
- tribal chief upgrade: only for melee (axemen, swordsmen, spearmen)
- LUnitWildAnimals update (
- less gold amount for gold cart (
- scenario screen update (WorldPickerInfo.xml)
- NEW SCENARIO: Western Mediterranean

Patch 6.11 (28.11.2021):

- governor help text update
- Unit Supply: fresh water added
- CtD fix on city renegade (thx to Rob!)
- naval formation full speed: +4 movement instead of +2
- less collateral damage for ships
- bugfix gold cart didn't move to capital/government center
- Events: missed text (TXT_KEY_EVENT_MEUTEREI)
- arts: great lighthouse a bit bigger, colossus a bit smaller
- new feature: mounted generals or high rank mounted units can swap their horse/camel in cities with stables to move on
- captured missionaries become slaves
- fresh water tiles (lakes) fill supply carts
- wonder pic for small oracle, craft center and war dog breeding
- fix: dog distribution
- specialbuilding tholos tomb instead tumulus for greek nations
- weaker bonus for Cybele, Indra and fertility cult
- new building: garum manufactory
- less flee chance for units in cities
- higher chance of getting slaves during fight
- more slaves for capturing cities
- higher prod costs on later eras
- captured units lose their fear for mounted units
- bugfix: selling cheap mercenary warriors
- new recurring city events: city fire
- new scipts for First Punic War scenario (by Barcas)
- building bonus check (bronze, granary): chance decreased from 10% to 5%
- city conquer: supply wagon emerges (chance of 33%)
- main interface: unit info on left bottom: "(x) unit stack:" instead "unit stack (x):
- razing cities: creates a state religion missionary if city has that religion

Patch 6.12: 06.06.2021

-) new leader promotion: Overview (+1 sight, 100% flight, -99% strength, disappears after first fight)
-) higher amount for copper, tin, lead and iron on random maps
-) pastures, quarries, plantages cut forests (except savanna)
-) emigrants can build cottages (unit gets disbanded, no costs for the improvement)
-) open borders when CIVs are cautious to get an earlier use for merchants
-) cults have half bonuses and less distr. costs
-) auxiliar cheaper
-) StartingPoints for Eurasia Huge JD
-) dying slave rate in bordells decreased from 10% to 6%
-) Kalos Kagathos can be promoted to Lochias now
-) new scenario: Iberian Conquest by Barcas
-) AI: rams get collateral damage instead of City Attack
-) Bugfix: escaping floatsam
-) settler pedia: list of terrains where you are able to found cities
-) after finishing a project: pop up of strategy text
-) new leader: Tomyris, Queen of Scyths (600BC)
-) meteorites and comets can create an iron resource
-) hunter -50% city attack
-) jungle gets same bonuses as normal forest (2 food + 1 Hammer, instead of only 3 food)
-) distributable bonus goods can be loaded/stolen/bought on neutral/foreign/enemy plots
-) work boats can distrib. crabs and clams (from Classic Era)
-) higher growth rate per pop (+50 instead of +25)
-) stronger Roman infantry (from Principes), cavalry and units of late antiquity
-) Bonus: Ivory gets a model and can be used for scenarios
-) new unit: Papyrus- and reed boat (for future scenario rivers)
-) new techs: Blacksmithing Art (bronze era), Aquaculture (classical era)
-) new buildings: Goldsmith (bronze era), Jeweler (classical era)
-) new bonus resources: Jewelery, Garum, Sculptures
-) salines produce salt (for trade routes)
-) new buildings: Stonemason (bronze era), Sculptor (classical era)
-) new special building for Assyria: Magazine (replaces warehouses)
-) warehouses delay the degradation of buildings due to missing bonus resources
-) new buildings: Furrier, Tannery, Foundries (lead, copper, tin, zinc and iron)
-) religion pedia: shows civs that can found which religions
-) emigrants can join cottages (like slaves)
-) new scenario: India (by JD)
-) new scenarios: bronze age and iron age only (by LJ)
-) animal update (spawn and plot movement) by brett
-) new scenario: Eurasia XL 52 Civs
-) new domestic advisor
-) new buildings and tech (Delimitations): Thorn hedge (special building: Blackberry hedge)
-) Foundries are limited to the amount of available bonus resources

Patch 6.13: 26.09.2022

-) Iron ore must be processed into iron
-) Palace Library (Tech Library): Can only be built in capitals
-) Tech: public buildings: normal library and palm leaf library
-) If a hero moves into the city (with revolt) (onMove and not only at TurnFeatures): Sets revolt to 1 turn (e.g. when conquering a city)
-) when a wagon picks up bonus on neutral terrain: setMoves(0)
-) Movement of injured ships slightly adjusted
-) longswordsmen and federates had the same button
-) Double fighter (special unit): Type: melee combat instead of axe combat bonus
-) Emigrants can be built if the city becomes almost unhappy or unhealthy (>=0)
-) +2 attitude when released from vassalage, +1 attitude when donating a city
-) Domestic Advisor: Which cities have which resources
-) Domestic Advisor: Which city which bonus: clicking on city name: centers map
-) Civil war feature lightly defused for AI
-) Stonemason can only be built in cities (status), does not produce stone, gives production and money bonus
-) Marble workshop: produces marble for trade, can only be built at marble quarries
-) Smokehouse again +1 health
-) Tech horseshoe becomes hoof shoes. Horseshoes as a new tech around 600 AD.
-) New unit with horseshoe: Light Cavalry (the first early medieval unit in PAE) from Charlemagne Mod
-) Magnetite: new promo: magnetic compass. TerrainDoubleMoves on Ocean and Deep Ocean
-) Ships: Prod costs slightly more expensive.
-) Markduk Priest: No more combat units; if the unit is in a city, all units created in it will get the Blessed promo
-) New special unit for Assur, Babylon and Sumer: Saglite (swordsman, skin from former Marduk priest)
-) Dense forest: no -1 food penalty
-) Sheep Pasture: instead of +2 Commerce -> +1 Food and +1 Commerce
-) Fight on your own feet can go away at every fight (chance 20%). If heroes or generals are present 50%.
-) Veterinary medicine brings +1 food for pastures
-) Bank renamed to House of Money, new button
-) Hunters can build camps (unit is consumed, no costs)
-) Savannah +1 Commerce instead of +1 Food
-) Fortresses and Castellum +1 Prod, food and commerce on trade routes
-) Increased movement on roads
-) New skin for trade road: base of normal road (no straight model like Roman Roads)
-) Bonus for pasture improved by one value per resource
-) Iron foundries can now be built depending on the number of resources in the trade network
-) Movement of all ships increased (also damaged ships, except workboats)
-) Foreign Advisor: Scrollbar at the top of the resources
-) New trade orders and canceled trade orders from cities are logged

Patch 6.14: 22.12.2022

*-) Base value/purchase price for trade goods adjusted (before: 20,30,40,50 -> now: 10,15,20,25)
*-) Fix when calculating the profit of autom. Trade routes: Profit related to both resources is now displayed (Bonus1 and Bonus2 / source and target).
*-) Reduced construction costs and construction time for towers and fortresses
*-) Hunter +50% (instead of 100%) against melee/animals
*-) Fix at AI_unitupdate (merchants, work boats, carts)
*-) Unit Auxiliary no extra cost of 1 gold per turn
*-) Fix: Rider ST12 instead of ST8 (adapted to other rider units)
*-) Fix: Library no longer a requirement for some buildings
*-) Adjusted strength of early cavalry and chariot
*-) Fix: Camel spawn on random maps
*-) Feature: Special Thing (like Olympic Games), for all cities with Thing sites, extra bonus for 10 rounds
*-) SpecialBuilding Sumer, Babylon, Assur: Assyrian Academy (Tech: Geometry)
*-) Neoplatonic School of Philosophy changed to a general building: Academy
*-) Hint: Cancel/correct Endless Turn with CTRL-C
*-) Separated unit ranks by CIVs (no more civ-specific rank upgrades for defectors)
*-) Domestic Advisor: Slaves Screen: Number of available slaves
*-) Weaponsmith renamed back
*-) Great prophets can move the headquarters of a religion to the capital
*-) City with shipyard can repair ship in 1 round for gold
*-) Great General: Can create rams in forests
*-) New skin and new feature for Marduk priests: bless newly created units
*-) Special palace guard for Ashur, Babylon and Sumer: Saglute
*-) Own national epic for the Etruscans: Virgil's Aeneid
*-) Special building palace harem (Egypt, Nubia, Assur, Babylon, Persia)
*-) Headquarters of a religion will only be expelled if there is no other city in this CIV with this religion
*-) Several new concept links in the concept pedias
*-) New feature at General death (+/- 1 happy in cities)
*-) Bugfix: Pastures can also be built on savannah without war axe technology
*-) Field upgrade cost reduced
*-) Elephants can walk on swamp again

Version 6.15:

*-) Bugfix: UnitPlayer (Trader) trades between two non player cities and city teams have no Open Border.
*-) Archive: Obsolete with TECH Public Facilities instead of TECH The Library
*-) Hunter's Build Camp Button: detailed help text
*-) Hunter's camp circles: dark green
*-) Bugfix: Domestic Advisor: hiding available slaves text
*-) Goodies: Axe warriors instead of warriors. Reallowed maps. Added emigrants. Added archers.
*-) Phoenicians & Carthaginians gets glass tech activated
*-) Improvement Castrum (Rome) removes forests, 50% defense bonus
*-) Domestic Advisor: better GUI: icons and red color for cities in riot / civil war
*-) Domestic Advisor: better GUI: additional icons for capital and provincial government
*-) City State Info: CIV score list, mouseover of CIV score list, foreign advisor
*-) GUI: Optio+Centurio Buttons: Officer face turned to seperate them from mounted officer buttons (decurio, tribunus)
*-) Lumber Camp: BTS lumber mill as animation model
*-) Bugfix: leader in forest can create only one ram per turn
*-) XP steps a little higher
*-) Latifundium: higher values
*-) Higher selling price for goods
*-) Formation Shield wall -20% against siege & elephants instead of -30%
*-) Formation Testudo -30%´against siege instead of +20%
*-) Religion Advisor: abandoned religions will not be listed anymore (late antiquity)
*-) Fire catapult can be built with siege manufatury
*-) Fire catapult is the only unit that can kill units via ranged combat
*-) Promotion "Fights on his own" is now called "Unreliable"
*-) Cult bonus settings adjusted
*-) Faster combat promotions (experienced, veteran, elite)
*-) Great General button with status War Weariness 5 instead of elite (cause of faster elite ranking and too many Generals alive)
*-) Gladiator specialists activated (like merchants, priests,..). Can be used with Circus, Vivarium, Gladiator school,..
*-) Engineer specialists available in all forge and foundry buildings
*-) Cityscreen Specialist Icons changed from modern art to ancient art: agent/spy and scientist/philosopher
*-) Last Tech: Dark Ages: no penalties
*-) CIV leaders: higher iBaseAttackOddsChange & iAttackOddsChangeRand
*-) Great Generals (unit leaders) can produce rams in enemy forests
*-) Hunter no ranged combat, but +100% against melee/animals. can build camps (disbands unit).
*-) Special Great General (Warlord) skin for Egyptians (Pharao) by PPQ_Purple
*-) Scouts: bIgnoreTerrainCost=1
*-) Bugfix: CvWBDesc utf-8 en/decoding plot signs
*-) short movies for Bronzeworks, Weaponsmith and Ironworks
*-) Saglute (Assyrian elite unit) from ST 6 to 8
*-) new building: Pottery (+1 health)
*-) two new techs and buildings with (EASTER surprise)
*-) no lumber camp on savanna
*-) new building for Egypt and Nubia: Mastaba
*-) Tech Tree: big update in early eras, corrected the way of metallurgy
*-) Pirates for everyone
*-) Great General or Heroes: Horse change disabled when unit made attack
*-) Changed walls: palisade (only when forests nearby), clay walls, city walls/oppidum walls
*-) Islamic Shrine fix

Version 6.16:

-) New bonus resource: donkey
-) New PAE feature: moving animal bonus resources (prevent with guard or camp/pasture)
-) Redesigned neolithic tech tree (longer copper era)
-) Redesigned metallurgy stuff
-) Pigeons (dovecote, mail)
-) Shortbowmen can be upgraded to composite bowmen (instead of reflex bow only)
-) Nordic Gau ruler: Moves 2 instead 1
-) Teutons: ST 12, moves 2
-) Thracian warrior: swordsman instead axeman
-) missing text in Peloponnesian War scenario (TXT_KEY_EVENT_POTEIDAIA_KRIEG_WORLDNEWS)
-) PAE Trade Route Advisor: all trade units listed (those with no order too)
-) bugfix: Persian can research geometrie (for ziggurat later)
-) fishing boats on neutral terrain (chance 1:8 instead 1:6)
-) bugfix: no look-out (improvement) in cities
-) Units finish movement in cities with riot
-) Vassal feature check, when General dies (same check when city gets conquered)
-) Improvement village -> town (only with emigrants or settlers with Tech Medicine/General Therapeutics)
-) Promotion Blitz: only for Heroes or Leaders
-) Bugfix: Celeres unit and added help texts
-) Bugfix: python error in PAE_City.doCheckCivilWar on big maps randomly produced by BTS
-) City fire event: higher possibility (less chance with fire service)
-) New city event: missing brothel in cities (from pop 6)
-) War denial of new units ends with Tech Edict of Toleration (exempt civic: exclusivism)
-) more events with higher event chance (EraInfos->iEventChancePerTurn)
-) bugfix: GAMESPEED_SECONDPUNICWAR_JD_BARCAS culture levels in CIV4CultureLevelInfo
-) DomesticAdvisor (F1): new page for Great Generals
-) bugfix: gladiator school
-) bugfixes for many texts, adjectives and events
-) more translated texts
-) Foederati ST 15 (swordsmen of late antiquity)
-) camel and elephant war unit -50% to forests/jungle
-) more help texts
-) bugfix in Macedonian unit upgrade
-) Pedia update in veteran/elite unit list
-) Domestic Advisor: more functional buttons (mercenaries, city to vassal)
-) Domestic Advisor: new tab for Training Centers
-) fix and upgrades in unit military ranks

Version 6.17:

-) Updates in CIVIII_RiseOfRome scenario
-) Updates in Peloponnes scenario
-) New building: hippodrome (about 200 AD)
-) Updated stadium (correct ancient Greek model by Jarmrik & hrochland)
-) Updated domestic advisor
-) Model for pearls (thx to Mardonius)
-) animal resources only move on neutral terrain (no unit on plot)
-) national wonder Wind kiln site 50% bonus for gold, silver, copper (instead 100%)
-) bugfixes (PAE_City, CvMainInterface)
-) pigeon mail requires dovecote
-) fur can now be discoverd in camps
-) unit healer for all (Seer, Brahman, Druid, Shaman)
-) Trade units can now spread bonus resources too
-) Religion spreading update. Spreading neighbour cities only. Christians additional spread cities via trade routes after 44 turns.
-) bugfixes: renegade city, provincial city rebellion
-) bugfix in First Punic War and Iberian Conquest scenario
-) Companion and war dogs can now use the wedge formation
-) Courthouses iMaintenanceModifier -25%/-50% instead of -50%/-75%
-) Picture (movie tag) when building a gladiator school
-) New: only gladiators who lose their unreliability in battle can found a gladiator school in cities (otherwise it was too easy, since they can be trained in cities with a gladiator school)
-) Ring dike (Nordic special building, removes swamps) not only for coastal cities
-) bugfixed Thing meetings
-) Option in de/activating units as gifts (COMMAND_GIFT) for multiplayer games
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:thumbsup: This looks amazing. Thank you Pie !
I had to fix some bug, so please install patch 6.7 now!

main bug fix is:

1) if you have deactivated single unit animation (graphic options), you'll now see eg 8 hoplites instead of 1 unit. 4 of them will now fight simultanously instead only one by one.

2) city culture infos for XXXL map was missing. now you can play till the end....


(the smaller units and their multiple fighting animation looks really, really good....)
Thanks again Pie :grouphug:

Do I see a content gap that we can fill for PAE VII ???

Please send me a list of the open and unfinished spoken quotes from your technology tree ? I have a plan.:egypt:
I work with a vulnerable wheelchair who's seeking some diversion since the pandemic has ended her social life.
She needs a hobby that interests her that she can pursue in house. She has a strong, clear and emotional voice.

My program might be able to find you many voices to read these quotes into their phone and send the sound file to me and to us all :love:
Oh yeah!
Yes, then it will be definetly PAE VII ! :)

ok, I will write down every missing quote. does your friend do it in other languages too or only in english?

And: are u able to do some videos too? if not, it's ok. I just wanted to try to add a simple dds graphic file instead of a video... could propably work too.
Hi Pie :egypt:

This is something she wants to do !
She lives with Cerebral Palsy and I'm one of her care aides.

Movies ? :smoke:Yes I could make some video content for PAE VII. Love to try !
.. but I think you should definitely put in dds images in place until a video gets produced.

I have less time to obsess over these new movies so they will take longer to make. PAE3 was a long time ago :eek:
Thanks for the Update Pie, I think Hunter with strenght of 4 will be a bit overpowered imo. I also wanted to point that in the last games I have played Celtic and Nordic religions struggle to appear in the game early, they come a bit late when almost all nordic and celtic civs have adopted greek or phoenician religions, it kills a bit the flavor. Greetings and keep up the great work! :goodjob:
About hunter: lets have a try. with only ST 3 they even get killed at once very often.
During a game I played a few updates ago the barbarians warriors and basket archers never healed. I don’t know if this was a glitch or by design. The other civs permanently reduced the strength of the barbarian defenders from 2 to 1 (or less after unsuccessful assaults) and quickly captured most of the barbarian cities and formed large empires early the game. The game was very fun.

Even with the reward halved, captured treasure is still better off being sold in the cities of another civ rather than sold in your capitol. You are guaranteed a set amount instead of a random amount after a long tedious haul. I would suggest that it be reversed. You get a random amount in another civ’s city and a set amount or much larger random reward in your capitol.
About hunter: lets have a try. with only ST 3 they even get killed at once very often.

Actually I think Hunter with ST3 is very strong, if you play with them carefully you get tons of promotions making them formidable even against later units like Axemen. IMO they should have ST2 and a BIG bonus against animals, this way they would be very efficient doing their job without being overpowered against proper military units.
treasure: ah, thx, I will reduce the trade bonus in foreign cities

hunter: ok, then I will reduce its strength again and give em some more bonus to melee.

about not healing units: in foreign terrain you cant heal without healing units or promotions.
Regarding the healing glitch--These were barbarian units in barbarian cities. They never healed. I would come across barbarian cities were the defenders were permanently damaged from previous unsuccessful assaults by the AI (for example, some were stuck at .2 strength). The only barbarian units that would heal would be hunters. The glitch was actually very cool as it really helped the AI expand and stay competitive with me playing as Rome. The AI ... especially in the Middle East ... was able to quickly capture almost every barbarian city early in the game using just hunters and basket archers. When I updated to Patch 6.5.1, the glitch went away and now the AI is back to slowly expanding their empires.
hm... I didn't change anything with Barbarians. I just changed the appearance of Barbarian cities by turn! They come very late now! So the AI has lots of time to found cities now. this should be easier now for the AI because not every AI could capture a neighbour Barbarian city and stayed small.
After instaling the 6.7 patch, I get a lot of error while loading the mod. A lot of "python exception" boxes pop up:
"Traceback (most recent call last):"
"File <string>, line 1, in?"
"File <string>, line 52, in load_module"
"File CvEventInterface, line 13, in?"
"File CcEventManager, line 84, in?"
"No module named Diadochi_JD"
"Failed to load python module CvEventInterface"
And another one that's labeled as "XML Error":
"Tag: UPKEEP_NON in Info class was incorrect. Current XML file is: xml/GameInfo/CIV4CivicInfos.xml"
Afterwards, the mod loads, but when I jump into a game I get a myriad error boxes, also labeled a "python exception".
Hi Pie, first of all, thx for this awesome mod!
This last patch is great so far, i didnt get into it too deep, but i find some visual bugs, prob cause of the smaller units and improvments,
some units and resorces are bigger then the rest, so far chariot units, cedar trees are much cedars looks like Sequoia trees and chariots like giants :)))
Hi Rev: it sounds that the installation is broken. please try to download the patch again. or just unzip again. perhaps it happened when copying the files into the original PAE folder of the BTS mods and you didn't say replace files. then windows keep them twice.

hey Jag: thx, it was the light chariot and the maryannu. I'll change that! about the trees: it is intended to be that big to see the difference. but ok, I make them smaller and I have to color them darker... otherwise you can't the the ceder wood.
You're now able to download PAE 6.8 !

I hope everything works!

see patch notes of 6.8 in the first post.
Tnx for new patch Pie! Looking great so far, but I have a question about automatic trade routes between your own cities, it seems that this feature not working, when I try to make automatic trade route between two of my cities it doesnt gives me an option for a second city route to make.
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