Palaces, Forbidden... won't let me build in some cities?


Nov 3, 2001
I am playing a huge 16 Civ map... long wait times but very exciting.

I have a nice size island were I would like to have my palace on one end, and a forbidden palace on the other to help minimize corruption.

The city that would be perfect for the forbidden palace (Kyoto) will not give it as an option, also won't allow a palace to be built. It is inland with irrigation around it and is size 10-12...

What is required for a city to be able to build a palace/forbidden palace? It seems as though cities near Kyoto will allow construction but they are along the waterline.

PS: Kyoto is also a city I conquered from the Japanese about 30 turns previously

Only thing I can think of would be are you sure a city govoner hasn't started building the Forbidden Palace without you knowing it?
how close is kyoto to your palace? u cant build another capital 7-10 squares away ... or so ... im noot sure about the actual distance though but it is close to this
I had a city 3 squares away from my captial building a Palace so I don't believe the above post is correct.
check to make sure you aren't building a Palace or FP in a different ciy.
I believe you have to have researched construction before you can build the forbidden palace. You also have to have a certain number of cities depending on map size to build it. I am not sure what this is on a huge map, but it is probably around 20.
check for the abovementioned stuff. If then the FP shows, but can`t be built it`s this: you added production either by disbanding units or clearing forest. Now, the city will have to complete a non-wonder project until it can be switched to wonders, large or small.

distance doesn`t matter, you just can`t build FP in your capital where the original palace is.....

If you upped the optimum number of cities in the civ3mod you`ll need more towns to be able to build the FP.

Hope you figure it out!
well with the LWC patch with multiple forbiden wonder buildings i couldnt build them in the city next to the forbiden palace (not that i want to but that is not my point) and had to build them elsewhere, perhaps it is map size dependant? i always play on large maps
Correct me if I'm wrong , but I believe Kyoto would be the capitol city of Japan,:confused: were it still in Japanese hands. Maybe there's some restriction on putting the FP in a city that has been a capitol previously. Check the list of improvements in the city also. The previous palace that the Japanese built might still be standing, and therefore be preventing you from building the FP.
Not positive about this,

Look in the editor - I think that the Forbidden Palace has some limit where it cannot be built next to water - is the city in question next to water...
As I said, not positive about that - take a look at the editor????

Hopefully that helps, but I wonder why they'd put that in?
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