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PBEM Broken.


Oct 24, 2008
We have reached an impasse on two occasions now with our PBEM game.

The issue has occurred during the first 10 turns, and involves Player X pressing End Turn, supposedly moving the game onto the next player, Player Y.

However, when Player Y opens the new save file - correctly addressed to Player Y by the game so no issue there - they are asked to input the password of the previous player, Player X, as opposed to their own.

If you input the correct password, Player X's password, you are taken through to the paused turn Player X had just left i.e Red turn button with all previously submitted orders filled.

Has anyone experienced this problem in their own PBEM? At the moment I consider it to be terminal as there is no apparent way past the issue once it arises.
I am having the same problem with the PBEM and I think several others are too from what I've read in other forums. This is how I mostly play the game, so a showstopper for me. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
Thanks leftconcerned, at least we know that its not just us at this moment.

Fingers crossed its fixed in the patch, if there is one.
Fingers crossed its fixed in the patch, if there is one.

Has this been fixed yet? There's no way I'm paying even $10 for this game until PBEM is working.
This issue sounds exactly the same as occurs in similar games of this type

If a player attempts to finish/save their turn and another file exists in the sav folder with the same name you will get this same error every time. Please confirm that "overwriting" the save is not the issue
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